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  • [Spearfishing] What is the Best Depth for Spearfishing?


    Spearfishers enjoy pushing their bodies and minds to the limit while diving to the ocean's depths. A greater variety of larger fish can be found on a deeper dive.No specific depth limit applies to spearfishing. Due to the lack of guidelines on how deep you should go, it's largely a matter of persona Read More
  • [Spearfishing] Spearfishing in Winter? Tips for You


    There are many great things that you can do during the winter season. One of the most interesting activities that you can do this season is spearfishing. However, you need to prepare yourself before you enjoy doing this activity. There are some important details that you need to know, so you will be Read More
  • [Spearfishing] The Essential Spearfishing Gear List You Should Know


    With the passing of the years, fishing has become an important activity for the mankind since it gives a lot of cultural and economical value to most countries or populations of the world. However, modern fishing counts with a big problem which is the fact that the used equipment counts with chemica Read More
  • [Spearfishing] What Is Spearfishing? Ins and Outs of Spearfishing


    Spearfishing refers to the act of hunting fish underwater mostly by free diving using a spear gun or in other cases a pole spear. Elastic-powered spear guns and slings are used in most cases while in some others, a compressed gas pneumatic-powered spear gun is used. There are several techniques that Read More
  • [Spearfishing] Take Your Kid Spearfishing - Things Parents Should Know


    Spearfishing is a popular watersport activity that you can do with your family. In this activity, you are going to use elastic spearguns or slings for hunting fish. There are some interesting spearfishing spots that are available around you. You can visit any of these places with your kids, so they Read More
  • [Spearfishing] A Beginner's Guide to Safe Spearfishing


    Spearfishing is a sport that cannot be underestimated, going into the water with a weapon contains real dangers. For this reason, this sport is considered a risky adventure.However, it is possible to do this sport in a very safe way. For this you must follow all the advice that we will give you in a Read More
  • [Spearfishing] Spearfishing Tips - How to Safely Spear More Fish


    Spearfishing is not new but it is gaining in popularity among the new generation because of the thrill and excitement it brings. Today, spearfishing is done using scuba diving, snorkeling or free diving techniques. However, it has to be kept in mind that fishing while using gear is not considered le Read More


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