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  • Reviewed: The best plus size wetsuits for women in 2022

    Diving, surfing, and other common watersports are usually fun, exciting, and therapeutic activities for kids and adults. With a suitable wetsuit, you can enjoy endless hours in the water without a care, doubt, or worry in the world, as it makes the experience both enjoyable and fulfilling. Nonethele

  • Reviewed: The 8 Best Wetsuits for Girls in 2022

    Wetsuits are an integral part of any water sport kit. The right girls' wetsuits should provide your child with warmth, protect against UV rays, and be multifunctional. You also want a durable wetsuit to avoid contant replacement of the wetsuit. In our selection of the best girls’ wetsuits, we also c

  • The 8 Best Wetsuits for Boys in 2022

    Wetsuits are the best garments if you want your kid to stay warm and protected around water. Unlike bathing suits, wetsuits are thicker, sturdier, and designed for open and deep-water activities. Whether planning a vacation to the beach or just enrolling your son in diving or surfing lessons, a wet

  • Do Dogs Need Life Jackets?

    The thought of a life jacket on a dog seems somewhat bogus. No doubt, you may dress up your dog in fancy clothes and still forgo getting him a life jacket. However, you are missing the point. You have to understand that a life vest is important even if your dog is a swimmer. If he drowns, that vest

  • Best Hooded Wetsuits for Adults in 2022

    Best Hooded Wetsuits for Adults in 2021 There are so many options for best-hooded wetsuits since other sports apart from surfing require you to wear a wetsuit. Whether kayaking, diving, or other open water swimming activities, using a wetsuit to counter the cold has become a norm.It can be pretty ov

  • Best Life Jacket for Dogs in 2022

    Taking the all-time friend (dog) for a tour is commonplace as individuals go for adventures into the great blue sea. They offer an exciting company, why numerous people carry the dogs with them. However, while life jackets are among the must-have items when doing water adventures, people rarely reme

  • Best Cold-Water Wetsuits for Adults in 2021

    The cliché, "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad attire," is true underwater as well. With a well-fitting wetsuit, you'll be able to enjoy the water even in the coldest conditions. Surfers, kayakers, divers, and anyone else who wants to get the most out of their time on the water can all

  • 2021 Best Life Jackets for Adults

    Even the best swimmers need a life jacket as safety insurance in case things go wrong. You may not need a life jacket when you hit the waves but just wearing it gives you a sense of relief, knowing you have a safety measure when things don't go as planned. Wearing a life jacket allows you to relax a

  • 2021 Best 5MM Neoprene Wetsuits for Adults

    If you are not in the tropics, you must don a wetsuit in any sea activity you undertake. Spearfishing at temperatures below 65-degree Fahrenheit, devoid of a wetsuit, is not just uncomfortable but can be deadly. With the right suit, you can forget about hypothermia. It’s not just surfing, paddling,

  • What is the Best Depth for Spearfishing?

    Spearfishers enjoy pushing their bodies and minds to the limit while diving to the ocean's depths. A greater variety of larger fish can be found on a deeper dive.No specific depth limit applies to spearfishing. Due to the lack of guidelines on how deep you should go, it's largely a matter of persona

  • Differences Between Swimsuits and Wetsuits

    Diving is undeniably among the most exciting sport and, in recent times, a popularly cool hobby. This has significantly transformed the swimwear industry, with a wide range of products hitting the market, all designed to ease your experience. Swimsuits and wetsuits, in particular, are among the tren

  • Can you learn freediving if you're not a good swimmer?

    Not really? You do not need to be an enthusiastic swimmer to learn freediving. However, you must be comfortable in the water, particularly open water. When you start freediving, you will rarely see the ocean floor, making it completely different from snorkeling on a beach or swimming in a pool. Non

  • 2022 Best Plus Size Wetsuits for Big and Tall Men

    Are you looking for a wetsuit for a big and tall surfer? People with 'standard' body types often find it very easy to find a wetsuit that fits properly. However, big and tall surfers may feel invisible to wetsuit manufacturers when looking for the best plus-size wetsuit. This is mainly because manuf

  • What Is A Type 3 Life Jacket?

    What is a type 3 life jacket used for? There are several types of flotation devices that boat owners should have on their vessel while they are kayaking, fishing or engaged in any other type of recreational water activity. Some of these are legally required and if you're even going on the water for

  • Why Do Most Wetsuits Zip In The Back?

    Whether you are a surfer, diver, or water sports enthusiast, you probably already know the importance of a wetsuit. But if you've ever gone to buy one, there's one thought that most likely crossed your mind at least once, "why do wetsuits zip in the back?" If it did, you're not alone. Unfortunately,

  • Differences Between Wetsuits or Tri Suits

    The main difference between surfing with a triathlon wetsuit and a wetsuit is that tri suits are specifically designed for reducing drag when swimming which is suitable for snappy entries and exits. In contrast, surf suits are designed for durability, flexibility, and warmth. That said, what makes t

  • Can You Drown With A Life Jacket On?

    It has been shown by statistics that the most significant cause of death while performing recreational boating is actually drowning. In fact, it accounts for over 70% of the boating mishaps. Most of these drownings had been caused by unpredicted entry into the water which implies that there was not

  • What Are the Best Tips for Fishing off a Kayak?

    Over a decade, Kayak fishing has become a popular and better alternative than fishing from a powerboat or bank. This method of fishing is accessible, affordable, and an excellent way for outdoor recreation. Kayak fishing is a method of fishing done in a kayak, a means of transport that assists in ge

  • Which Is Better for Opening Water Swimming: a Wetsuit or a Drysuit?

    During an open water swimming, exposure suits, either a wetsuit or drysuit, keep your body warm. However, people tend to have varying preferences regarding the costume they prefer for open water swimming. Both suits provide some similar tasks while in the water bodies, though they have different fea

  • Should You Wear a Swimsuit Under a Wetsuit?

    If you are into any water sports or exploration, there likely has come a time when you have had to put on a wetsuit. Did you wear something underneath, or you went for it nude? Many diving and watersports first-timers usually struggle with what to wear under a wet suit. WHAT TO WEAR?There is no stra

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