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  • [Free Diving] Why Get Underwater Scooter for Diving?


    Are you ready to dive into the ocean and discover the beauty beneath the waves? If so, then an electric underwater scooter might just be the perfect tool for you! Not only do these scooters help you move around the water more efficiently, but they also offer a ton of other benefits that make your un Read More
  • [Free Diving] Can you learn freediving if you're not a good swimmer?


    Not really? You do not need to be an enthusiastic swimmer to learn freediving. However, you must be comfortable in the water, particularly open water. When you start freediving, you will rarely see the ocean floor, making it completely different from snorkeling on a beach or swimming in a pool. Non Read More
  • [Free Diving] How to Improve Freediving?


    Freediving, also known as breath-hold diving, is a new sport whose exercise science continues to be developed. It is the ultimate connection between a swimmer and the water. You do not need tanks or any complicated gear as it simply involves you and the silence beneath the waves. However, many diver Read More
  • [Free Diving] How Long Can Freedivers Hold Their Breath?


    Do you know for how long you can go without breathing before it gets uncomfortable? Did you ever want to find out? Whenever children play in the pool, it's never long after that a "who can hold their breath the longest?" contest occurs. For some people holding their breath underwater isn't merely re Read More
  • [Free Diving] What Is Freediving? Things You Should Know


    There are many water-based activities and exercises that are becoming quite popular amongst many people. Swimming, snorkeling, underwater exploration and freediving are also getting hugely popular amongst many people. In this article I will try to understand the right reply to the question as to wha Read More
  • [Free Diving] How to Increase Breath Hold for Freediving?


    There are multiple water activities that have become popular in the past few decades for the different challenges and obstacles that they offer to the enthusiasts. And since our world counts with lots of aquatic environments such as rivers, lakes, oceans, and so much more, you won't have to hold you Read More
  • [Free Diving] How to Freedive: A Beginner's Freediving Guide


    Freediving is a popular watersport activity that is suitable for you who want to enjoy an incredible diving experience. This sport is available for anyone who wants to get into the water without having any experience in scuba or snorkeling activity. Freedivers only need to hold their breath and focu Read More
  • [Free Diving] The Truth about How Deep You Can Freedive


    Freediving is considered an extreme sport, due to the dangers it contains, but nevertheless many people think that the benefits and the wonders of being under the sea make the risks of this sport worthwhile.WHAT IS FREEDIVING?It is a sport that is based on apnea, which means "the voluntary suspensio Read More
  • [Free Diving] The Ultimate Guide to Buying Your Freediving Wetsuit


    If you are keen on getting to know more about freediving wetsuits and gather some information about the best ways to buy these, then you will have many reasons to find this article useful. There are obviously a number of reasons for the growing popularity of freediving wetsuits If you love being in Read More
  • [Free Diving] Different Types of Freediving Wetsuits


    Water makes up much of the earth, and much of the world's greatest biodiversity, history, and majesty. Life under the sea is intriguing, and one great way to experience it is through freediving. Whether for leisure, research, conservation, or to see your favorite sea life in their natural habitat, f Read More
  • [Free Diving] Best Tips to Keep Warm While Diving in Winter


    Feeling cold while diving is one of the most common problems faced by divers. So, it is important for divers to keep themselves warm while diving in water as it will help them to conserve heat so as to feel more comfortable underwater. The heat generated by a hot body will not lose too fast when it Read More


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