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Customer can directly contact us at support@buy4outdoors or fill in the contact form with details. Please provide your order number and be sure to include photos – if you are una­ble to provide photos, the claim process may be delayed. Once we receive your claim, our after-sales team will reach out within one to two (1-2) Business days with a resolution.


We offer One-Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty on all inflatable paddle boards (purchased from Buy4Outoors.COM) from the date of purchase. And we offer 30-Day Manufacturer Limited Warranty on accessories such as paddles, pumps, fins and leashes from the date of purchase. We guarantee against any abnormal defect in workmanship and materials within this period. At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to either have the defective part or product professionally replaced with an equivalent product at no cost to you.


The above warranty commitment does not cover claim conditions listed below.

  1. Damage or defects caused by impact with any materials or objects (rocks, docks, other boards, etc.).
  2. Damage or defects caused by use outside of it’s intended purpose.
  3. Damage or defects caused by normal wear and tear.
  4. Damage or defects caused by transporting, loading, unloading, dropping, or out of water handling done by customer.
  5. Damage or defects caused by pressure dings.
  6. Damage or defects caused by inappropriate storage in temperatures over 32℃ and under 0℃.
  7. Damage or delamination caused by overheating as a result of exposure to direct sunlight while not in use.
  8. Damage or defects caused by wave impact and/or impact with the ocean/lake floor.
  9. Damage or defects caused by storage of the board in closed, damp conditions (example a wet board bag).
  10. Boards used in rental, commercial, or teaching environments.
  11. Damage to fin or fin box caused by impact to the fin.


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