If you are keen on getting to know more about freediving wetsuits and gather some information about the best ways to buy these, then you will have many reasons to find this article useful. There are obviously a number of reasons for the growing popularity of freediving wetsuits If you love being in water and would like to engage yourself in the best of water sports, then you have to spend quite a bit of time identifying the right wetsuits. It could be one-piece, two-piece, doubled lining or something more. They help in moving around in the water quite effortlessly. There are different types of wetsuits and it would be interesting to know a few of them


One-Piece Freediving Wetsuits

As the phrase suggests when you decide to buy wetsuits with one-piece materials, you have a single attire that takes care of the entire body while you get into the water. They may not be optimized for freediving, but they do have some obvious advantages and benefits. They are capable of offering high quality protection against sun and scratches and cold. However, they do require a zipper and there is a chance of cold water slipping and getting into your body. This could steal body heat. The quality and type of neoprene that is used in these one-piece freediving wetsuits might be quite different from other variants. However, they do fit quite cozily if you take the trouble of choosing the right size.

Dive & Sail Adults 3mm Full Length 1 Piece Wetsuit

Dive & Sail Adults 3mm Full Length 1 Piece Wetsuit


Two-Piece Freediving Wetsuits

These are often the most liked and most popular freediving suits. When you buy two-piece freediving wetsuits, you get two pieces. The top piece resembles a sweater and it usually comes with an integrated hood. It helps to connect the front and ensure that the entire top piece remains in place. The bottom piece is either in the form of high waist pants or it also could resemble farmer johns. The design and material offers extra warmth over the torso. The integrated hoods can act as a barrier and stop water from entering the body. It does not require a zipper. It is comfortable because it allows free movements and breathing. Hence it is quite flexible and unique.

HISEA 3.5mm Open Cell Camo 2-Piece Winter Wetsuit

HISEA 3.5mm Open Cell Camo Two Piece Freediving Wetsuit 


Double-Lining Wetsuits

Double-lining wetsuits are mostly made from high quality neoprene. They also have a nylon material that covers both the outside and inside of the wetsuit. It is cost-effective and also offers decent value for money for those who are looking for a budget freediving wetsuit. They are often considered to be the most durable wetsuits that money can buy. They are easy to put on and easy to take off. However, they are less stretchy, so they may not allow flexible movements as the single lining wetsuits do. Moreover, the lining does not promise complete protection from water.

MYLEDI 3MM Neoprene Double Lining Wetsuit

MYLEDI 3MM Neoprene Double Lining Wetsuit 


Single-Lining Wetsuits

The single lining wetsuits may have lining outside or inside the suit depending on the properties it is supposed to have. The single lining wetsuits are more flexible than double-lining ones, so divers can enjoy free movements under the water. However, they (especially the open cell outside ones) are not durable as double-lined wetsuits even though they repel water much better than double-lining suits. You can also choose single lining (open cell inside) suits and they are popular amongst recreational divers and also among spear fishermen.

MYLEDI Men's 3mm Smooth Skin Single Lining Wetsuit

MYLEDI Men's 3mm Smooth Skin Single Lining Wetsuit


Wetsuit Thickness

You must choose a wetsuit that has the right wetsuit thickness. The thickness comes in various categories and could range from 2mm to 7mm. You should choose the right thickness depending on various factors such as temperature of water and much more. For example if the water is ice cold then the thickness of the wet suit should be around 7mm. It could go down up to 1-2.5mm for water that is above 24 degree Celsius. For water with temperatures of around 15 degree Celsius, you could choose thickness of around 3mm to 5mm. There are other attributes too like budget that could determine the type of thickness you would like to choose for your freediving wetsuit.


Advantages of Camouflage Wetsuits

There are some obvious advantages of camouflage wetsuits. They are very useful for freediving or spearfishing. These wetsuits help to provide a fractured impression under the water. In other words the subject will resemble small bits and pieces of items rather than looking as single big piece. Fishes do not consider small sized pieces as a threat to their lives and therefore they often get misled and can be hunted relatively easily by those who are into spearfishing. The chances of catch increase quite significantly. Fish also tend to associate these camo suits as food for them and they keep coming your way. This makes it easier for you to hunt them and you could have a better catch.

Men's Long Sleeve 1.5mm 1 Piece Camo Wetsuit

Men's Long Sleeve 1.5mm 1 Piece Camo Wetsuit 

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