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How To Plan The Perfect Short Hiking Trip You'll Never Forget

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How To Plan The Perfect Short Hiking Trip You'll Never Forget

Hiking is a fantastic activity that can keep us fit while simultaneously giving us the chance to spend time in the midst of truly incredible landscapes and scenery.

However, in rare instances accidents and injuries can occur during a hiking trip. If you're thinking about going on a hiking trip, it's vital that you are adequately prepared. This way, you'll be able to get the most from your adventure and stay safe while doing so. Check out these tips for planning an unforgettable hiking trip.

Assess Your Skill Level

This step is more important than most people would usually consider. You need to be honest with yourself about your skill and experience level before making any more plans. If you aren't regularly climbing up hills, you will be completely out of your depth if you were to attempt the high-altitude of the Himalayas. If you aren't used to technical hikes with occasional elevation gains (how much altitude is gained), then you might need to look for popular beginner or intermediate areas that are frequented by other hikers who might be able to give you some advice or help should you get lost.

Plan Your Route

Once you have assessed the skill level of you and any other party members and picked an appropriate destination, it's time to plan the route for your hiking trip. Many trails and mountains offer several different methods of approach, each with its own particular advantages and disadvantages. Take the time to study each potential route in detail, examine photos, and read reviews and reports from other hikers. Some routes are preferred for their scenic beauty, while others offer more of a physical challenge.

Planning this right ensures that you have picked the best one for you and your party.

Another thing you might need to consider are accidents. No matter how experienced you are with hiking, accidents can still happen on your route. If you did get injured while hiking abroad, you could end up with a significant bill for medical treatment or for the emergency transportation required if you were to be airlifted off the side of a mountain. That’s why it would be wise to get some form of cover from a provider like Staysure, who will cover your medical bills and emergency transportation. You will need to check your policy details carefully as insurers may have restrictions on altitudes. The example we gave, will only cover hiking under an altitude of 2500m.

Choose The Right Time To Go

Choosing the right time of year is important for any holiday, but few more so than a hiking trip. Environmental conditions can have an impact on our body, and this can prove extremely significant when partaking in a strenuous physical activity like hiking.

Heading off on your trip in the height of summer might seem like the best choice. After all, who doesn't love the sunshine? However, the heat can be difficult to endure when we're exercising, potentially leading to a heatstroke.

Conversely, heading off in the winter could be risky even for experienced mountaineers. Not only are the cold temperatures dangerous, and the risk of slipping on ice elevated but there is also a possibility of avalanches, should you go somewhere with heavy snow conditions.  

The best time of year to head off on your hiking trip is spring or autumn. This way, you'll get to enjoy the sunshine without the extreme heat of summer, and you'll avoid the risks associated with winter mountain exploring.

Pack Appropriately

Packing appropriately is essential when taking any kind of journey into the great outdoors. First and foremost, you'll need a good pair of sturdy hiking boots. These need to fit well and not cause any rubbing or friction, the last thing you want to deal with on a hike are blisters. Bad shoes can essentially cut your hiking trip short or make the whole thing an ordeal. Weather in the mountains can be unpredictable, so make sure you have waterproof jacket and spare clothes from a reputable brand like Arc'teryx or Patagonia. Going budget could save you a little money but cheaper materials could rip or just not provide enough protection from the elements. Lastly, bring a good number of spare socks, there's a chance your socks can soak through, and you don’t want to be caught hiking the rest of the duration with wet feet.  


Even a short hiking trip can be an incredible experience. Not only will it keep you fit, you'll get the chance to take in some wonderful scenic views. Use the tips in this guide to plan a perfect short hiking trip that you'll never forget.

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