With the passing of the years, fishing has become an important activity for the mankind since it gives a lot of cultural and economical value to most countries or populations of the world. However, modern fishing counts with a big problem which is the fact that the used equipment counts with chemicals or toxins that can help in the development of the activity and increase the success of this one. For that reason, an eco-friendly recreational alternative appeared which is the evolution and modern style of the original human's fishing techniques. We call this modern method spearfishing and you will love it at first sight.


The basics of spearfishing are pretty simple, just avoiding any equipment that counts with dangerous chemicals or toxins to the environment and also with the lack of any fishing rod. Your main "weapon" will be a modern spear that will be used to hit the fish in a large range to avoid any kind of problem or damage to your body due to the water environment. Yet, if we are not going to use any fishing rods, then what is the essential list of spearfishing gear? Stay tuned to learn more about the answer to that particular question and learn something new about these modern techniques. Let's begin.


Equipment #1: Fishing License and Physical Skills.

It goes by saying that in some countries you will need an official fishing license to start making use of these modern techniques. Otherwise, you will be facing the law for fishing or breaking the rules of some environments that don't allow beginners in the field to make disasters in the eco-system. Therefore, it's a good idea to stay safe and follow the security and legal measures to avoid problems. Also, make sure that your body can handle at least the basics of freediving since you will need some movement under the water to catch the fish with your spear, so keep that in mind.


Equipment #2: Type of Weapon.

The basics are the same thing when it comes to weapons. You just need something that assembles a spear or in fact a true modern spear such as the popular and effective spearguns that are being sold by lots of fishing stores around the world as a solution of dangerous weapons that could damage the water environment. However, that is not the single option. You will also count with the older model which is the traditional spear. You will need to use your physical strength and endurance to hit the fish with this pole spear. Now you may ask which is the difference. Well, besides reliability and usage style, the price difference is pretty noticeable when it comes to spearfishing weapons since the spearguns cost hundreds of dollars and the traditional spears just cost dozens as much if you select them correctly.


Equipment #3: Wetsuits and Rashguards for Spearfishing.

Yes, they are pretty much a recommended and reliable option since you will be diving and moving a lot under the water which may end in a lot of contact with obstacles and your body will feel the impact if you are not careful or if you are not wearing any wetsuit. Neoprene wetsuits are good as a defense mechanism against rash injuries that may happen after diving too much time under cold or hot temperatures. The kind of environment also will affect the kind of injury. You just need this for more protection especially if you are a beginner. But, it is not strange to see some professionals that just don't want to spend the extra money and go to spearfish with traditional clothes.


Camouflage Spearfishing Wetsuits

 Camouflage Spearfishing Wetsuits


Also, you don't necessarily need to completely rely on the suit by itself. Add some gloves, boots, and other freediving things to your suit with the purpose of increasing the efficiency and protection of your body during the activity. Remember that the underwater environment is a very dangerous place for beginners when they are not protected against the danger. Be careful and follow the recommendations.


Equipment #4: Masks and Snorkels.

When it comes to spearfishing, you must look for masks that provide the next features. First of all, it needs to be a pair of low profile masks that reduce drastically the amount of air which will reach your eyes. And second, it must be masks that provide a lot of visibility on the field since you will be diving on your own without relying on anything else other than your own strength and skills. It's important to know and be able to see the environment as much as possible. Finally, snorkels will be pretty much required to hold air much longer with any other device that you may want to add to your equipment and also they are very reliable in most water activities, so it will be a proper investment. Good luck!


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