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October 16, 2020 3 min read

There are many great things that you can do during the winter season. One of the most interesting activities that you can do this season is spearfishing. However, you need to prepare yourself before you enjoy doing this activity.


There are some important details that you need to know, so you will be able to avoid getting any problems in the future. Some species are more active in the winter season than the other seasons, for example, Snapper, Mackerel, Grouper, Amberjack, Cobia, and any other sea lives. It can be the best opportunity for you to get in the water for enjoying an incredible spearfishing experience here.


Some Factors That You Have to Be Careful of

a. Coldwater

The water will be really cold. During the winter season, the water temperature will drop very significantly. It is recommended for you to wear some protective accessories, so you can reduce the risk of getting hypothermia symptoms which will be dangerous for you.


b. Sharks

This is another important thing that you have to be careful with. Winter is the best season for most sharks who want to migrate from the cold waters to the warm waters. They may bite anything in front of them when they are migrating to other areas. When you are spearfishing, you may want to be aware of these dangerous fish. It is a good idea for you to bring your dive buddies for protecting your catch from sharks' attacks.


c. Rough Sea

In most cases, you are going to suffer from rough wind during the winter season. The rough wind will make your spearfishing activity become turbulent. You have to be ready with this rough wind before you start enjoying this activity. Don't forget to read the weather forecast before you do this activity, so you can anticipate this strong wind.


Useful Spearfishing Tips for You

a. Listen to Your Body

Before you can enjoy your spearfishing activity, you need to understand your body's condition. It is recommended for you to listen to your body with any condition. When you realize that you are tired, hangover, or even uncomfortable with your body, you should stop doing spearfishing. Spearfishing is an intense activity that requires you to have a healthy condition to be able to continue doing this water sport.


b. Always Wear the Best Gears for Spearfishing

You should never forget to bring all of your equipment before you can start doing this activity. Good equipment is very useful to help you reduce the risk of getting frozen in the water. There are some recommended spearfishing gears that you can use in the cold water, for example, neoprene wetsuits, neoprene gloves, neoprene socks, diving shoes, isolating flash, etc. All of these gears can be used to help you enjoy your spearfishing activity without having to worry about the cold water.


Cold Water Wetsuits

 Cold Water Wetsuits


c. Keep Active in the Cold Water

This is another useful tip for you who want to avoid getting any problems during your spearfishing activity. When you keep active in the cold water, you can always maintain your body temperature at a warm level. You will reduce the risk of getting hypothermia problems when you are active in the water. Keep moving around to target any fish around you. Stay active in the water can also help you maintain your heart rate at a stable rate. A stable heart rate is required to help you maintain your health and fitness levels effectively.


d. Learn from the Experts

If you want to be successful with your spearfishing activity, you may want to learn from the best experts on the Internet. They may have some spearfishing introduction videos or other interesting tips that you can follow on. You can improve your knowledge, expertise, and skills in spearfishing by following some of these experts on the Internet. Don't forget to keep practicing for improving your freediving and spearfishing skills and expertise every day. You can also dive and train with your favorite dive buddy at any time you want.


Winter spearfishing can be an interesting water activity that you can do now. Once you know all the basic tips and strategies on how you can perform this activity, you will be able to avoid getting any problems during this activity. It is one of the best activities that you can do in the winter season.


Liz H.
Liz H.

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