Spearfishing Tips - How to Safely Spear More Fish

by Liz H. September 09, 2019

Spearfishing Tips - How to Safely Spear More Fish

Spearfishing is not new but it is gaining in popularity among the new generation because of the thrill and excitement it brings. Today, spearfishing is done using scuba diving, snorkeling or free diving techniques. However, it has to be kept in mind that fishing while using gear is not considered legal in many parts of the world. This is because this kind of equipment is detrimental to the coral reefs.


Similarly, mechanically powered spearguns are also not allowed for spearfishing in some countries. Modern techniques have made this method of fishing ecologically sustainable and hence not harmful for the marine environment.  


Basic Spearfishing Equipment

Since it's an ancient form of fishing, usually an ordinary spear or an eel spear is sufficient to carry out this sport. However, such equipment is good only when you're fishing in shallow waters. Modern fishing gear, especially spearguns, has made it possible for divers to catch fish with more accuracy and more power. Moreover, they are able to shoot even from a long distance, which makes the activity more enjoyable. Here is a list of spearfishing gear that you're going to need:


- A speargun

- Pole spears

- Wetsuit

- Freediving fins

- Snorkel and mask

- Spearfishing knife

- Gloves and booties

- A weight belt

- Buoys

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Two types of spearguns are commonly used for spearfishing: band spearguns and pneumatic spearguns. The first one is considered equally useful for both beginners and experts. It uses rubber to fire spears but it requires regular maintenance. The other type uses compressed air to fire spears and is more useful for deep water spearfishing. 


The shaft or the actual "spear" that is to be used with the gun is also of many types. Choosing the right type of shaft is important and it usually depends on the type of spearfishing you're pursuing as well as the fish you want to target. These include breakaway, single flopper and double flopper shafts.   


Spearfishing Safety Tips

There are many types of spearfishing practiced around the world. These include shore diving, boat diving, and blue water hunting. It is advisable to gain as much information as you can before going on a spearfishing trip in order to avoid getting into legal trouble and also to stay safe.  Here are a few safety tips to make this wonderful experience more worthwhile:  


- Don't go alone.

- Practice as often as you can. Better yet, find a mentor to learn the tips and tricks of spearing more fish and getting out safely.

- Assess your fitness level before you go. Learn to hold your breath for a long time.

- Make sure the water is safe and you have a safe exit point.

- Consider the safety of your fellows. 

- As a beginner, fish above the water line so that total body submersion is not required.  


How to Spear More Fish    

Using a proper spearfishing technique is crucial to your success. Aim for the head of the fish when using a pole spear and release it in one smooth movement. Spearguns are easier to use and you don't need to extend your arm to release the spear. However, proper aiming is required for both tricks. Longer pole spears are more effective than shorter ones in catching more fish. If you want to spear large fish, use a pole spear made of aluminum.     


Choosing the right type of speargun is also important for catching more fish. There are many types to consider and interestingly they all work differently in different environments. It is better to check with an expert before investing money on a speargun. Longer spearguns are more efficient for spearing larger fish.    


Poor water quality not only makes you ill but also proves to be ineffective in spearing more fish. It is therefore recommended to choose clear water locations. A location where there are no other people spearfishing is ideal for deep water spearfishing to avoid the dangers and to find more fish.  



Spearfishing is an activity that requires multiple sporting and emotional skills. It is a thoroughly enjoyable pastime but it is also dangerous at the same time. Anything that involves diving into deep waters is supposed to be dangerous. Not to mention some of the negative effects of this sport on the environment and the fact that spearfishing is illegal in some parts of the world. It is therefore advisable to know everything about this sport before you try it in order to stay safe, spear more fish, avoid lawsuits, and make it more thrilling and enjoyable.


Liz H.
Liz H.

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