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  • [Paddle Board] Inflatable vs. Hard Paddle Boards - Which One is Better?


    Stand up water paddling is a popular sport that has been around for ages. The sport hugely takes over the water world by providing a healthy, fun outdoor experience. Most people describe their experience of SUP water sports as a huge blast. However, this can turn out differently depending on how you Read More
  • [Paddle Board] The 6 Best Paddle Board for Adults in 2022


    Paddleboarding is a thrilling activity that lets you unwind and have fun with your friends and family. You need to buy a high-quality paddle board to ensure your safety at the beach, lake, or any other water body. Below are the six best paddle boards for adults to consider purchasing in 2022.1. JS Read More
  • [Paddle Board] Can You Sit on A Stand-Up Paddleboard?


    It doesn't matter if you have been paddling for years or are just starting; there is always something new you can learn about the sport. Even the most avid paddling enthusiasts tend to ask questions now and then regarding some of the latest innovations being brought forth in the sport. One particula Read More
  • [Paddle Board] Learn How to Install Your Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


    Stand up paddle boarding, additionally alluded to as stand up paddle surfing or SUP, is a generally new water sport and keeps on picking up in prevalence. It is, as the name recommends, an action where you stand upright on a surfboard and utilize a long paddle to move about on top of the water. It t Read More
  • [Paddle Board] How to Pick the Right Stand Up Paddle Board?


    Choosing a Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) Board is a delicate process that depends on a number of factors. Weight, experience, location, skill level and other factors greatly influence the type of board that you should go for. Other than these factors, the budget can also play a major role in the process. Ar Read More
  • [Paddle Board] Types of Paddle Boards You Need to Know


    Paddle boarding is gaining popularity all over the world as a water sport at a very fast speed. It allows people to paddle in rivers, waves, and lakes. If you want to participate in paddle boarding events then you can find a wide variety of paddleboards that can be used by everyone regardless of th Read More
  • [Paddle Board] What to Wear for Paddle Boarding? Is Wetsuit a Must?


    Paddle boarding has turned out to be amongst the most well-known water sports at present. Providing a full-body workout, it can be a fantastic way to enjoy the beautiful nature. But what exactly is paddle boarding? Paddle boarding is actually a popular water sport which is performed best in the open Read More
  • [Paddle Board] Top 10 Paddle Boarding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


    Paddle boarding is one of the most practiced water activities in the world since it requires a lot of skills and knowledge to get things right. However, anyone can make mistakes, and some of them tend to be very common in paddle boarding, and since you want to avoid them at any cost you should know Read More


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