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What to Wear for Paddle Boarding? Is Wetsuit a Must?

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What to Wear for Paddle Boarding? Is Wetsuit a Must?

Paddle boarding has turned out to be amongst the most well-known water sports at present. Providing a full-body workout, it can be a fantastic way to enjoy the beautiful nature. But what exactly is paddle boarding? Paddle boarding is actually a popular water sport which is performed best in the open ocean. Individuals make use of their arms while kneeling, standing, or lying on a surfboard or paddleboard for propelling forward.


SUP or stand up paddle boarding is actually a more recent derivative of the sport which has been around for the last 10 years. Every year, the sport is becoming increasingly popular. As compared to surfing, it is possible to practice SUP in a river or lake apart from the ocean.


It is actually a combo of kayaking and surfing. Yet, no waves will be required for paddle boarding like you would require while surfing. As a matter of fact, flat and calm water will be ideal for you in case you are a novice.



You'll come across several things which can prove to be a spoilsport for your SUP experience, and these are rain, gusty winds, and also putting on the incorrect attire. Although the weather might prove to be unpredictable, wearing the proper attire depends on you. It is always imperative to be prepared with the correct clothing prior to leaving for paddle boarding so that you will be able to remain comfortable while you are on the water. In the following paragraphs, we are going to mention the best clothes to wear while you are paddle boarding.


What should you wear for paddle boarding while it is hot?

Paddle boarding during the hot summer months means enjoying the cool water in the best possible way. This implies that you will require water-resistant clothing such as a short sleeve rash guard, a bathing suit, or waterproof activewear for remaining comfortable and happy. The most well-known paddleboard attire during the hot summer months for men is board shorts while for women it is a swimsuit. However, you should not miss one essential thing, which is the sunscreen. As a matter of fact, your paddleboard attire during summer should always be accompanied by water-resistant UV protection sunscreen.


It will be advisable to paddleboard barefoot during summer. Barefoot will be the best way to get the job done since the sensation of paddle boarding will begin with the feet.


It is also imperative to know that it will be possible for you to de-layer out in the cold water by bringing along with you a dry bag. For instance, if you venture out for paddle boarding to enjoy the sunrise during summer and it is still cold out there, it will be prudent to put on a long sleeve tee or light sweatshirt, and you can take it off and put in the dry bag once it starts getting hot. A dry bag will likewise become handy while it is quite hot out there and you'd like to dive in without making your top wet along with your wallet, cell phone, and car keys.


For security reasons, you can also choose to wear a life vest in case of any accident, especially if you are not confident in your swimming ability.


Life Jackets for Paddle Boarding

Life Jackets for Paddle Boarding


What should you wear for paddle boarding in winter?

SUP surfing is considered to be the most common type of paddle boarding during the cold winter months. You'll come across lots of surfers who paddle out even when the water temperature reaches below 40 degrees. A wetsuit will be imperative for you in case you are paddle boarding during the winter months. A neoprene wetsuit fitting you properly will be ideal if you like to remain warm while paddle boarding during winter. In case the wetsuit is excessively loose, a good amount of water will be entering your suit and this will break the barrier of warm water. A wetsuit which fits perfectly is going to fit snug across the entire body. It ought to fit you just like a rubber glove.


Wetsuits for Paddle Boarding

 Wetsuits for Paddle Boarding


In case the neoprene wetsuit is thicker, it will provide you with more warmth. In general, it is important for a wetsuit to be between 2 and 5 millimeters in thickness depending on the water temperature. However, mobility can be decreased significantly by wearing a thick wetsuit. So, it is important to select a wetsuit with the right thickness.


Is wetsuit a must?

It is a fact that one must wear a wetsuit while paddle boarding during winter since you tend to wipeout. Wetsuits have been designed to trap a small amount of water between the skin and the suit's inside. This thin water layer will become warm due to your body heat and this will keep you warm even during winter. However, in case you are paddle boarding during the hot summer months, a wetsuit will not be required.


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