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August 26, 2020 5 min read

Paddle boarding is one of the most practiced water activities in the world since it requires a lot of skills and knowledge to get things right. However, anyone can make mistakes, and some of them tend to be very common in paddle boarding, and since you want to avoid them at any cost you should know which ones are the most performed mistakes and how you should deal with them to avoid causing a mess in the environment and for everyone around you. Stay tuned for the next couple of explanations to learn more.


Mistake #1: Don't try to rush things. Take it easy.

The most important thing to do in these activities is studying everything about the environment in which you will be the most part of the activity, so, never try to rush things in order to jump into the water as soon as possible because bad things could happen if you are not careful. First of all, check the weather status and analyze it to know if it's secure to jump into the activity, also, make sure to park your car in a close area you won't want to walk a lot after the activity, so be prepare for any of these situations.



Mistake #2: People May Get of Tired from your SUP Mistakes. Avoid Paddling in Crowds, or with Surfers.

One of the things that you should be aware of, is the fact that surfers hate the most is watching stand up paddle boarding activities in their zone because this means that the surfers will count with less space to do their stuff and the waves will be occupied by you without knowing, so to avoid being a nuisance to the general public, go paddle boarding in places where surf breaks and crowds are not present. In this way, everyone will be happy as ever.


Mistake #3: Forgetting to WatchWhatIs in front ofYouIs Dangerous.

Never look down when paddling. This is something truly dangerous since you will lose the balance of your body and most importantly your plain sight on the environment, so, instead of watching what is down of you, keep your mind focused on what is in front of you. The best day to do this is to watch a simple obstacle or object and try to paddle towards that thing. In this way you can move, without causing problems to your body.


Mistake #4: Don't Forget Your Leash.

Speaking of balance in the previous mistake should remind you of always carrying a special leash that will be attached to the board in which you will be standing. In this way, your body will obtain a better balance overall. Also, there is always the possibility of falling off from the board, so, while using a leash you will know where your board is located even if you fall. This leash is practical, easy to use and not expensive. Don't forget it on your activities.


Mistake #5: Avoid Sun Exposure, Applies for the Board, and Yourself.

While keeping yourself away from sun exposure while doing any aquatic sport is technically impossible, you can use some things to protect your body like adding some sun cream to reduce the risk of getting sunburns or further health issues on the skin. On the other hand, when it comes to your board, you can protect it from the sun since it can delaminate the hard paddle board and this will potentially affect your experience overall. Not everything will affect the efficiency and performance. We are talking about the style of the board. The sun can even remove the color from it without too much problem, so always protect your stuff from sun exposure, especially in paddle boarding.


Mistake #6: Practice your Paddle Handling.

One of the common mistakes in SUP is handling the paddle in the wrong way and doing movements like this without knowing that the equipment is wrongly facing the wrong way. Your paddle blade should always be bent away from you since this can promote your speed which can improve the performance and make a better experience for you. Everything will come with enough hard work and some practice. Don't give up.


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Mistake #7: InflatingYour Board is Important, But DoingIt WrongIsvery Common in Beginners.

Inflating your board is something very simple and basic to do, however, it is very to easy to get it wrong and not arriving at the 12 PSI point which is the recommended amount for those paddle boarding enthusiasts who want to maintain their performance on the water. If your board doesn't reach 12 PSI then you will lose the rigidity and reliability of the board. Try to do your best, and enjoys fully inflated board to get the best results possible. It is not that simple, but with some practice, you will reach the wanted point.


Mistake #8: Carrying the Board in a Wrong WayWhileUsing a Car.

While it's common to carry your paddling board in the top of the car or in the roof to be more simple, there are some accidents in which people forget to put the board correctly which ends in problems like losing the board while driving on the road and even losing it thanks to the hard wind pressure which results in the board flying off the vehicle at a high speed, always try to follow the security measures and equip the equipment properly in a way that it wouldn't be capable of hurting anyone.


Mistake #9: Part 2 of Paddle Handling Recommendations.

It's common to suffer from problems while handling the paddle of SUP sessions, and there is nothing wrong in that. At the end of the day the important thing is the fact that you get to know how to solve the issue, and in fact, not gripping your hand on top of the paddle is the second most common mistake in this category of handling. It's important and it will be more comfortable to have your hand gripping the top of the paddle to avoid getting tired after minutes of starting the activity. Save your energy in a good way.


Mistake #10: Forgetting that Paddle Boarding is a Full Body Workout.

This is something truly important. People tend to think that paddle boarding is not demanding at all, and while this may sound strange, this activity can be considered a full-body workout. After every session, your body will feel numb. So, don't be scare of treating yourself after every session, bring some water and snacks to share with friends or your buddies. However, don't eat and try to enter to the water at the exact moment. Follow the security measures and everything will be alright. Now you just have to follow the previous mistakes and use the solutions to your own advantage. In this way SUP will be a lot easier for you. Good luck.

Liz H.
Liz H.

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