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What Do You Need for Surf Camping?

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What Do You Need for Surf Camping?

Securing accommodation in a hotel near the beach can be costly, especially when the family is involved. It also comes with some unfavorable restrictions, like for minors and pets. Taking the surf camping on an off-grid trailer provides peace of mind since the whole family and carry the surfing equipment without much hassle. The surf camping takes place without taking away the home comfort.

The structure of a travel trailer makes it the preferred option for camping for those traveling as a family. They have a well-structured body designed to last longer and withstand the outdoor harshness. Their independent suspension technology provides smooth riding and long travel even on challenging terrains. It's the best alternative for tent camping in the wild or along the beach.


Make Accommodation Arrangement

Accommodation during surf camping is an important consideration when planning for a surf camp. For decades, wild tents and bonfires have characterized beach camping. Tents may have limiting factors like discomfort for family camps. Accommodations have, with time, evolved to include travel trailers, beach homes, and beach hotels. The family's preference for going surf camping and their budget determines the type of accommodation they settle for during surf camping.


Have a suitable Surfboard

A surfboard is a must-have during surf camping as it facilitates surfing. Different surfboards depend on the user's skill level, the type of waves, and the surfing place. Some common types of surfboards include; Shortboard, Big Wave Gun Surfboard, Longboard, Fish Surfboard, Funboard, and Stand-Up Paddle Board. For beginners, the best surfboard is a long and thick board to enhance stability and floatation. With such a surfboard, it's easy to catch waves during surfing.


Wear a Comfortable Swimwear

Swimwear is a priority for a surfer, most especially for learners. Getting comfortable swimwear goes a long way toward easing the journey to learning surfing since it reduces the chances of distraction by a swimwear-seeking adjustment. When considering swimwear, one should prioritize functionality rather than attractiveness since any distraction during surfing can pose a risk. The fabric cannot also get ignored; getting a spandex and nylon swimwear material that's thick and lasts longer than other types.


Pack Some Sunscreen

The surfer spends most of their time in the scorching sun and reflection from both sand and water during the surf camping, exposing them to the harmful Ultraviolet rays. Sunscreen helps in blocking the harmful rays which affect the skin negatively. Some of the key features to look out for when purchasing a sunscreen include; a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) between SPF 15 to SPF 55. It should be non-greasy to avoid its accumulating on the skin. Since surfing takes place in water, it should be water-resistant to avoid being washed away by water. It should possess skincare properties like hydration and maintain its elasticity.


Carry a Camera

Surf camping and surfing are breathtaking activities and require being well captured and preserved. A camera with a high megapixel helps capture the fun and beautiful moments during the surf camping, like the early and sunset evening surfing, the slips, the falls, and dinner on the bonfire, among many other beautiful scenarios. A waterproof camera also helps capture the surfing moment created during the deep-water surfing, like the stunt and overcoming huge water waves and simply displaying skills in surfing.


Pack In A Fully Packed First Aid /Kit

Injuries are a common occurrence, and during surfing, the risk of accidents is also high. Some of the significant surfing accidents include lacerations and fractures. Due to their seriousness requires a quick response, stabilization through first aid, and later transfer to a healthcare facility. A fully equipped first aid kit plays an essential role in assisting minor injuries and stabilizing the serious injuries before handing them to a healthcare facility for treatment. A surfer's first aid kit needs medication like pain killers, disinfectants, antihistamines, and medical tools like tweezers and scissors. Wound dressing material must be a must-have to dress cuts, bruises, and fractures.


Surfing Backpack

Like any other camping, surf camping requires a backpack to carry the necessities for surfing. The surfing backpack must be water-resistant to ensure it does not soak since the activities occur in water. Must have a compartment that can be used in the storage for different items without mixing them up altogether. It should be easy to carry, considering that the camping site is always at a safe distance from the water body. A surfing backpack allows easy packing and accessibility of surfing swimwear, sunscreen, water, camera, snack, phones, etc.

In Conclusion

Taking family or friends for a surf camping can create stronger bonds and a moment to share about individual challenges and success. It can also be an ideal time to learn new things and try new hobbies. Surf camping is perfect for company team building to boost teamwork among the workers.

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