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  • [Surfing] What Do You Need for Surf Camping?


    Securing accommodation in a hotel near the beach can be costly, especially when the family is involved. It also comes with some unfavorable restrictions, like for minors and pets. Taking the surf camping on an off-grid trailer provides peace of mind since the whole family and carry the surfing equip Read More
  • [Surfing] How Long Does It Take to Learn to Surf?


    While surfing won't push your body to its limits like some other sports, it's not something that can be picked up on day one either. If you do want to surf, there are some things you should keep in mind before you jump in without any preparation. You can't go surfing every day because the weather wi Read More
  • [Surfing] How to Surf? Is Surfing Hard?


    Surfing is performed in an unpredictable environment and the surfing conditions are challenging. It takes really long to master the skills and even after 10 years into surfing, you may need to keep learning. It's a vigorous sport that challenges your strength and stamina at many levels. One of these Read More
  • [Surfing] Things You Must Know About Surfing Waves


    Surfing is a very popular and recognized water sport that relies on skills like strength on the muscles and balances. However, there are some aspects of surfing in which humans can't interfere or manipulate to their advantage, and the best example of that are the waves, natural and limited formation Read More
  • [Surfing] A Beginner's Guide to Windsurfing Basics and Tips


    WHAT IS WINDSURFING?Windsurfing is a type of water sport that is popular among many people today. This is a combination of sailing and surfing. This recreational sport gains popularity in many countries these days. It can make you exciting and interested in the best experience offered by this water Read More
  • [Surfing] Why Wear a Wetsuit While Surfing?


    Surfing is a very popular activity in which you take advantage of the ocean waves to move freely on a surfing board, and while that sounds easy to do, in reality, a lot of surfers especially beginners, tends to suffer from damage or injuries due to them falling off from the board, but now, you don't Read More
  • [Surfing] Do You Need a Wetsuit When Surfing?


    Surfing is one of the most exhilarating water activities. In order to really enjoy surfing, it is imperative that you wear the right gear for the activity. Whether you wear board shorts and a T- shirt or a full body wetsuit is a matter that is largely dependent on the surfing conditions. On the whol Read More


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