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  • [Triathlon] Triathlon Gear Upgrades to Go From Beginner to Elite


    For anyone who’s successfully completed their first triathlon, it can be easy to get hooked on the sport. No doubt about it, leveling up from beginner status requires the right gear. This is especially the case for long-course athletes who doing Ironman and half-Ironman races. When it comes to triat Read More
  • [Triathlon] Are Triathlon Wetsuits Different?


    ARE TRIATHLON WETSUITS DIFFERENT?If you are a triathlon enthusiast, chances are you like wetsuits. The attire not only keeps cold water from paralyzing your legs and arms and sinking before you get to the shore, but they also enhance swimming speed by up to 7%, which is more than enough to give a tr Read More
  • [Triathlon] Differences Between Wetsuits or Tri Suits


    The main difference between surfing with a triathlon wetsuit and a wetsuit is that tri suits are specifically designed for reducing drag when swimming which is suitable for snappy entries and exits. In contrast, surf suits are designed for durability, flexibility, and warmth. That said, what makes t Read More
  • [Triathlon] What Kind of Wetsuit for Triathlon?


    We all know the fact that triathlon is a multi-sports game including swimming, cycling and also running over multiple distances. It is a very popular sport. If you are interested to take part in this sport, then you will have to buy a triathlon wetsuit. If you have not heard this term, then you may Read More


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