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What Kind of Wetsuit for Triathlon?

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What Kind of Wetsuit for Triathlon?

We all know the fact that triathlon is a multi-sports game including swimming, cycling and also running over multiple distances. It is a very popular sport. If you are interested to take part in this sport, then you will have to buy a triathlon wetsuit. If you have not heard this term, then you may think that what a triathlon wetsuit is. Will it help you to make a faster move? All these depend on various factors. If you are going to swim in cold and freezing water then this wetsuit helps you a lot. Now, you are confused about which type of triathlon suit is best for you. This guide will help you thoroughly to understand what kind of wetsuit for triathlon meets all your requirements.


If you are buying a triathlon suit, then you will have to make sure that suit will meet all your needs and make you comfortable as well. First, you need to know why you are going to buy a wetsuit.



Here are three main reasons. These are such as follows:


Give you warmth: At the time of swimming in the cold water, it is very much important to keep yourself warm. From the triathlon suit, you can get that warm feeling. These wetsuits are made with thick neoprene materials but flexible as well. So, you do not feel obstructed to do swimming and stretch your hands and legs. This type of suit is very much comfortable as well. You can buy the sleeveless triathlon wetsuits in summer, which will help you to move your arms and legs without any complications. Apart from this, if you are going to swim in the worst condition of weather, then you should buy a full-body wetsuit. It will provide excellent thermal protection from the freezing water.


Lightweight: Compared with wetsuits for other water sports, this type of wetsuit is very much light in weight and thin enough to be flexible. These are made with very light materials such as neoprene panels and all. The lightness of the suit will help you to float comfortably and you can swim better. So, you do not need to put much energy into keeping your whole body in the perfect swimming position. You can get perfect comfort, flexibility and enough warmth with this type of wetsuit.


Hydrodynamic lubrication: These suits are made with lightweight rubber and neoprene. So, this suit will help you move without any obstacles and float in the water comfortably.


HISEA Yamamoto Smooth Skin 3mm Full Triathlon Wetsuit

HISEA Yamamoto Smooth Skin 3mm Full Triathlon Wetsuit



Now, it is high time to buy the best wetsuit for your benefits. So, you need to follow some tips to buy these types of suits. Here are some buying guidelines that will help you for sure to buy the best one.


Perfect fittings:

At the time of buying, you need to check for the best fitting wetsuit. If the fitting is not appropriate, then it will become hard to swim and make your move. So, you need to check the proper fittings:


  • The suit should not be too much tight to your body. Rather, you will have to choose one with snug fitting.

  • You should check that the neckline of the wetsuit needs to be comfortable and stretchy.

  • You can easily move with this wetsuit.


You will have to buy proper wetsuit made with high-quality materials. You need to check the thickness of the wetsuit. The thickness is available from 1mm to 5mm. You need to buy the most flexible wetsuit for a comfortable movement.



While you are going to buy a wetsuit then, you should consider the sleeve or cut. The full sleeve will help you a lot to float onto the water. With the sleeveless wetsuit, you can achieve maximum smoothness and comfort. You can also offer a maximum range of movement with the sleeveless wetsuit.


MYLEDI Men's 2MM Short Farmer John Rubber Wetsuit

MYLEDI Men's 2MM Short Farmer John Rubber Wetsuit


Now, you know what kind of wetsuit for triathlon is the best for yourself. You need to follow these guidelines. This will help you to buy the best one as per your needs. A triathlon wetsuit should not be too loose or too tight. You need to feel comfortable when wearing it. This is the most important factor that you need to check. A good triathlon suit can help you to move faster, which will also help you to increase your winning chances.

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