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  • Can you learn freediving if you're not a good swimmer?

    Not really? You do not need to be an enthusiastic swimmer to learn freediving. However, you must be comfortable in the water, particularly open water. When you start freediving, you will rarely see the ocean floor, making it completely different from snorkeling on a beach or swimming in a pool. Non

  • How to Improve Freediving?

    Freediving, also known as breath-hold diving, is a new sport whose exercise science continues to be developed. It is the ultimate connection between a swimmer and the water. You do not need tanks or any complicated gear as it simply involves you and the silence beneath the waves. However, many diver

  • What Is Freediving? Things You Should Know

    There are many water-based activities and exercises that are becoming quite popular amongst many people. Swimming, snorkeling, underwater exploration and freediving are also getting hugely popular amongst many people. In this article I will try to understand the right reply to the question as to wha

  • How to Increase Breath Hold for Freediving?

    There are multiple water activities that have become popular in the past few decades for the different challenges and obstacles that they offer to the enthusiasts. And since our world counts with lots of aquatic environments such as rivers, lakes, oceans, and so much more, you won't have to hold you

  • How to Freedive: A Beginner's Freediving Guide

    Freediving is a popular watersport activity that is suitable for you who want to enjoy an incredible diving experience. This sport is available for anyone who wants to get into the water without having any experience in scuba or snorkeling activity. Freedivers only need to hold their breath and focu