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  • The 5 Popular Life Jackets for Kids in 2022

    Water activities are marvelous for family fun, offering a variety of sports to try out and have a good time. Any water activity needs a quality life jacket for safety purposes. Are you going out for fun with your kids? There is a wide range of kids' life jackets to choose from, available in differen

  • Do Dogs Need Life Jackets?

    The thought of a life jacket on a dog seems somewhat bogus. No doubt, you may dress up your dog in fancy clothes and still forgo getting him a life jacket. However, you are missing the point. You have to understand that a life vest is important even if your dog is a swimmer. If he drowns, that vest

  • Best Life Jacket for Dogs in 2022

    Taking the all-time friend (dog) for a tour is commonplace as individuals go for adventures into the great blue sea. They offer an exciting company, why numerous people carry the dogs with them. However, while life jackets are among the must-have items when doing water adventures, people rarely reme

  • 2021 Best Life Jackets for Adults

    Even the best swimmers need a life jacket as safety insurance in case things go wrong. You may not need a life jacket when you hit the waves but just wearing it gives you a sense of relief, knowing you have a safety measure when things don't go as planned. Wearing a life jacket allows you to relax a

  • What Is A Type 3 Life Jacket?

    What is a type 3 life jacket used for? There are several types of flotation devices that boat owners should have on their vessel while they are kayaking, fishing or engaged in any other type of recreational water activity. Some of these are legally required and if you're even going on the water for

  • Can You Drown With A Life Jacket On?

    It has been shown by statistics that the most significant cause of death while performing recreational boating is actually drowning. In fact, it accounts for over 70% of the boating mishaps. Most of these drownings had been caused by unpredicted entry into the water which implies that there was not

  • How Many Life Jackets Must Be on a Boat?

    All passengers on small vessels are obliged to wear life jackets. Be sure to wear a life jacket when you board a small boat! Wearing a life jacket will more than double your survival rate! For compliance with U.S. Coast Guard rules, a vessel must have U.S. Coast Guard Approved lifejackets for everyo

  • How Long Do Life Vests Last?

    Even familiar waters can be unpredictable. Sea creatures have various adaptations to survive rough waters. For us humans, life jackets are the only hope for survival when high winds and strong waves come crushing. The best protection from life vests lies in ensuring that the protective gear is in su

  • How to Clean Life Jackets

    Springtime is great for cleaning life jackets, just before they're ready for outdoor use. Sometimes the life jackets are put away from winter and they haven't had the chance to completely drying out, meaning that they can have mildew or mold growth. Also, southern locations where it is not humid or

  • Do Life Jackets Expire? How Often to Replace One?

    Are you an avid diver or a person who is interested in water sports? If yes, a serious question might strike your mind very often whenever you grab the water gear in your hand. Life jackets one among them and it is vital to you on the water. The question is: Do life jackets expire? This question ari

  • How Do Life Jackets Work?

    Life jackets are some flotation devices worn by people so that they can stay afloat while in the water. Life jackets are among the essential pieces of equipment that have saved so many human beings' lives for so many years during water accidents. Whenever you are in the water, your boat can capsize,

  • Life Jacket Types: A Beginner's Guide

    If you've never seen a single life jacket in your life, then it's either one of two things: (1) You've never experienced summer vacations, or (2) You're Michael Phelps and you never needed it anyway. If you didn't identify as either (1) or (2) and you really just don't know what it is or what it's f

  • Why Wear a Life Jacket for Boating?

    Boating is a term used for enthusiasts of water activities who are interested in going to a certain location in which they will start performing different activities like surfing, fishing or waterskiing without any interruption. Boating or boat traveling can be described as the use of a recreational


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