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August 06, 2020 3 min read

Boating is a term used for enthusiasts of water activities who are interested in going to a certain location in which they will start performing different activities like surfing, fishing or waterskiing without any interruption. Boating or boat traveling can be described as the use of a recreational boat, powerboat, or even a common boat to discover new things about the underwater environment while enjoying other secondary activities like talking with family members or friends and even preparing the gear before the sailors or boat commanders reach the location.

Why Wear a Life Jacket for Boating?

A life jacket is a special type of jacket that increases the chances of surviving different accidents like falling overboard or even drowning problems that could happen during boat trips. It doesn’t matter if it is a savior or a common passenger, everyone should wear a life jacket to make sure that everyone in the boat is safe just in case that the worst thing happens, and while these kinds of accidents can be truly rare, they can still occur, and the worst thing about them is the fact that is impossible to determinate when they will take place.


Life Jackets for Boating


Different studies and investigations in countries like the US and multiple parts of Europe revealed that they tested different accidents making a total of 600 casualties in which a different kind of situation happened and the worst thing about it is that 86 percent of drowning victims did not use any life jacket during their boating activity, and the other part of the test revealed that at least 7 of 10 boaters drowned because there were not using any kind of protection on themselves as a security measure to reduce the risk of death.


It is difficult to promote the use of life jackets because people think that knowing how to swim will protect them against any aquatic accident, and while having knowledge on the different types of swim can be useful, it does not protect yourself from drowning. For example, even professional swimmers tend to get in problems with sudden immersion and the combination of cold water with difficult waves, the worst combination to be without any life jacket that can protect you against nature changes.


Life Jackets and Laws:

Luckily for your protection, in some states of the US and in other countries there are some boating laws that claim that the use of life jackets is a must for every boating experience, especially when it takes place in natural parks where the level of security is stronger. All vessels like canoes, kayaks, and even paddleboards must carry at least one boating life jacket for every person inboard of the aquatic vehicle, and also children below 12 years old must wear these special jackets without any excuse. Remember that they don't have control of their body and even if they know the basic rules of swimming, that does not guarantee their survival under hard situations.


The fact that most governments are taking action in the usage of more security equipment to keep people safe it is good because in that way there is a promotion to these kinds of life jackets, which for some reason people tend to forget to wear. And the most shocking part of boating is the fact that the worst accidents always happen on the nicest days, so be aware of that before boating without any protection.


Tips for Wearing a Life Jacket for Boating:

Find one that you will wear and that actually fits your body. This may sound easy but in reality, it will need some research to determine the best option for your body and swimming skills and also, it is important to consider the type of boating activity and the environment in which you will be. Every one of these measures is important to reach a conclusion. Finally, it is important that you read the label on every occasion because it has valuable information like maintenance requirements.


Maintaining the device and equipment is a must if you want to be prepared for every accident that may happen and also learn how to fit the life jacket into your body without losing any valuable time. It should keep your head above the water and be comfortable to wear it all the time. And as proper recommendations, know the rules and laws of your state since they are always changing with the pass of the months when it comes to boating because the waters temperature and other data may vary depending on the current day and month of the year.


Liz H.
Liz H.

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