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How to Store a Wetsuit Correctly?

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How to Store a Wetsuit Correctly?

Do you have a question like how to Store a Wetsuit Correctly? If so, first do not get feel exhausted because it is not a daunting task for you. If you simply follow the instructions of the experts or the wetsuit manufacturer's advice, the task gets easier for you and very simple in all aspects. The do's and don'ts are inevitable to last for a long period of time. These basic aspects are a must for keeping your wetsuit in proper condition for a long time. Take some interest and care by protecting the features of your wetsuit without any compromise.


You might have known the benefits of a wetsuit without any doubt. Yes, the foamed neoprene material of your wetsuit gives you UV protection and also protects you from marine habitats at times. Asides thermal insulation property of the wetsuit, you also get a greater defense from coral and pointed rocks in the water or ocean. Hence, the wetsuit has become an indomitable product for you, especially for divers and others who are involved in water sports. This imperative wetsuit must last longer if you give immense care and attention without any deviation. It is simple to understand to keep our wetsuit in a good condition such as drying, cleaning, and storing.



  • Primarily, you have to rinse the wetsuit after using it properly.

  • Never use chemicals for cleaning the wetsuit as it deteriorates the quality of the product very soon.

  • Your valuable wetsuits should not be washed using a machine.

  • Check for chlorinated water when washing because chlorine affects the longevity of the product. Use non-chlorine water to wash.

  • The wide-shouldered hanger is much better than a narrow one for drying your wetsuit.

  • If you are a constant diver or traveler to the beach now and then, then you can use a plastic container in which you can stand and change the dress. This is to escape from sand and gravel on the earth.

  • Never use hot water for washing purposes.

  • Yet another important suggestion to you is to wash the wetsuit after every use without delay and postponing. This is because salt water would damage your wetsuit severely if it is not washed properly.

  • If your wetsuit smells a lot after cleaning, you can use neoprene detergent for the issue.


The above basic tips help you to maintain your wetsuit thereby your investment is protected to the core.



Your wetsuit has to be given extra care instead of treating it very poorly or roughly like other clothes. If you are sincere enough on your care first of all use only fresh water to rinse the wetsuit. This is very important for the longevity of your wetsuit. The water type is very important to any individual across the globe for rinsing the wetsuit. In case you use any other water other than freshwater, the quality of the wetsuit gets deteriorated very soon and you might not be able to use it in the future.



After rinsing or cleaning with the freshwater, the wetsuit can be dried by using a specific wetsuit hanger. This is the proper method and if your suit is balled up or crumpled then you might get the benefits for a long time. It is always important that your rinsed wetsuit should not be left exposed to open sunlight and instead of dried in a cool place out of the sun. This task would extend the life of your wetsuit further adding happiness to you. Dry the wetsuit at the earliest after rinsing because leaving it wet for a long time would not be good at all to your expectations of long-lasting. Take care to dry the wetsuit both inside and outside the region with your care.


Dry a Wetsuit


Hang your wetsuit in a correct position than to fold in the cupboard. Inside out storing is not at all fit your desire of lasting, but it should be done with the wide hanger as stated above. Two important things you should remember when you store the wetsuit. The first one is avoiding metal wire and checking proper dryness both inside and outside of the wetsuit. If not properly dried, mold appearance becomes common. Sometimes, a bad smell emanates from the wetsuit if not dried properly



A lot of people or divers who are engaged with the diving activity often in their life. As a result, the wetsuit is majorly found with saltwater and chlorine content that might spoil the wetsuit to a greater extent. Asides from freshwater rinsing, it is a must for the individual to use wetsuit shampoo or conditioner to clean off the impurities for long-lasting. Even you can go with lukewarm water to rinse the wetsuits.



You shall not put aside the stink issue on the wetsuit that is used by you. Stink issues due to bacteria in the ocean or often peeing in your wetsuit by you are very common issues. Hence, you have to take a lot of effort to get rid of the stink ivssue by using odor eliminators that are available in the market combined with regular rinsing tasks. Never hesitate to use the products that are best in the market for removing the bad smell away from your wetsuit.



You can follow the above measures of cleaning and drying the wetsuit properly as discussed. If you are perfect enough by following the above method, the first part of maintenance is over and the remaining is only storing the wetsuit in an exemplary condition. Even a slight error would destroy your product without notice. So, abundant care is enough to cope with the best wetsuit for your life. The following are some conditions for the storing task of your wetsuit. The conditions change as per the divers' diving durations such as diving very often, every alternative day and every week, every month, or daily basis. Depending upon the condition of the diver, or any person in the water the following suggestions are taken into account to cope with the best method of storing the wetsuit


For the Customers Who Dive Very Often or Days Soon After

The customers who have the schedule of diving within days' time and in a short period, a 45-degree angle of arms tucking in is necessary. The wetsuit is also folded at an angle of 90 degrees for placing it in your bag that is meant for diving purposes the next day.


For the Customers Who Dive Every Month or at Regular Intervals

The customer who dives at regular intervals or in need of a wetsuit very often can keep it in a cool and shade place. The wetsuit should be hanged in a broad hanger comfortable to cope with your next diving section. The shaded hanger inside a closed place is enough for good storage task of a diver


For the Customers Who Dive into the Water After a Wide Gap, Say a Year After

There are many individuals who do not dive regularly and instead, they do it whenever they wish or next year from the present one. The individuals who diver or surfers have to keep the wetsuit in a proper place because you are not going to use it very often. So, it is wise to place the wetsuit in a controlled environment. When we say controlled conditions, it should be like a damp-free place without any moisture condition. Check the chances of mildew that occur due to long storage condition. Your wetsuit should smell fresh even after you look it at it after many months. Not only fresh, but it also gives the fresh smell that it was at the time of placing. So, store in an excellent place where you feel an excellent atmosphere and environment. Prepare the place where you are going to store the wetsuit neat and clean without dirt.


In case you do not have the provision to store the wetsuit with an extra hanger in the closet, no need to worry. You can comply fold it and lay it in a suitable and perfect place for a long time. Mind the place where you store the wetsuit because the condensation process may make your wetsuit unfit to wear when you take it after several months.



You also have to understand the wetsuit material that is made of. Some of your wetsuits asides from neoprene are also made of skin and nylon. Hence, you should know to understand these basic features of a wetsuit to take care of for a long time. Even thicker and thinner wetsuits differ a lot in making and hence the maintenance also changes as per the thickness. For your information, the thicker suits need some additional soak time than the thinner suits that you have. So, decide the steps of storing depending upon the wetsuits that you have.

So, you need to store the wetsuit properly depending upon your level of use.


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