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May 22, 2019 4 min read

Most first-time divers wonder if they should wear something beneath their full wetsuits or not. But really, which is better? Being completely nude or wearing an undergarment? Granted, there are many perspectives on this issue. Some firmly believe that having the added layers of clothing would make diving that much harder, and so, they do without. For others, the idea of being naked under a full suit feels a little uncomfortable.      

That is why many beginners get confused. But you know what? There is no right answer to this question. The best option is to do what works best for you. In any case, if you are wondering why you should wear undergarments in the first place or are concerned as to the kind of undergarments to wear, then keep reading.   


Why wear undergarments under a full wetsuit? 

There is a reason many divers don't go full commando before slipping into their full wetsuits. First of all, for many divers, it is a question of common decency since you might have to put on the suit in front of other people. Putting on a wetsuit, and taking it off, takes some skill, and in the process, it is highly likely that you would expose yourself to strangers even when hidden behind a towel.  

Undergarments also add another layer of protection, which comes in handy when diving in cold waters. This is a better alternative to wearing a very thick suit that would make your movements under the water more sluggish. But it's not just the water that divers have to be concerned about, but the wind as well. The temperatures outside the water could be a greater concern in some cases.   Additionally, these undergarments will keep you from chafing, which isn't always adequately addressed using an anti-chafing cream or gel.  

In any case, it doesn't hurt to have an extra layer of protection between your skin and the elements such as bites, stings, and scrapes. And if you are like most people, you would feel uncomfortable letting a wetsuit that had been worn by another person touch sensitive parts of your body directly. Considering that some people are gross enough to pee while wearing these suits.  


What can men wear under a full wetsuit?

MYLEDI Skull Skeleton Mens 3mm Full Wetsuit

MYLEDI Skull Skeleton Men's 3mm Full Wetsuit

  1. Diving Shorts/Bike Shorts

These shorts can protect you from hostile weather, and make the process of getting in and out of your suit much easier. Neoprene usually delivers the best results in this regard, as it is soft and comfortable, and also light and does not wrinkle when you wear your wetsuit over it. It's also unisex.  

  1. Board Shorts

Board shorts are very common among male divers. But they are loose fitting, and they tend to wrinkle when worn under a full-body swimsuit. Still, they are better than nothing if you have no other options and don't like the idea of being nude under your swimsuit.  

  1. Rash Guard

This undergarment is for the upper body, and it offers great protection against cold weather and it helps keep away from chafing at bay. Some rash guards can even be worn on their own. The good thing about a great rash guard is that it is light in weight and also made of materials that can even offer protection against the sun. Rash guards can also lower friction with wetsuits, and their fast-drying capabilities are also a huge benefit.  

  1. Full-Body Jumpsuit

A full-body jumpsuit can keep you even warmer as you dive. The suit will give you additional protection without looking bulky. 

  1. Briefs

When all you need is an extra layer of clothing for decency's sake because the waters or the weather is not that cold, you can go with briefs. Many of these briefs are light and comfortable, and they can comfortably be worn under your suit. They will also not restrict your movements in any way.  


What can women wear under a full wetsuit?

MYLEDI Womens 3MM Full Camo Wetsuit

MYLEDI Womens 3MM Full Camo Wetsuit 

  1. Diving Shorts

These are great if you need a little more warmth. Good diving shorts will also not crease as you wear your diving suit. Neoprene usually makes some of the most premium diving shorts for women.  

  1. Sleeveless Vest

Wearing compression shorts is an option for women too, but the sleeveless option offers a little more freedom around the shoulder area. Some of these vests will even offer protection against the sun and even germs like bacteria. The vest will also help you stay warm when the conditions would otherwise be too cold for comfort.  

  1. Full-Body Jumpsuit

A full-body jumpsuit can provide warmth and protection. These suits are usually designed to offer insulation and comfort. They also stretch easily, which means they don't interfere with a diver's movements under the water.  

  1. One Piece Swimsuit

Less coverage can offer greater mobility, and that can make the one-piece swimsuit a better option. However, you have to choose a premium high-quality swimsuit that is well suited to the demands of this underwater activity.  



Above is a look at some of your options as far as the kind of undergarments you can wear under your full length wetsuit. The things you have to consider while making your choice include the prevailing environmental temperatures, the desired level of mobility, the desired level of comfort and so forth.


Liz H.
Liz H.

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