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How to Pee in a Wetsuit?

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How to Pee in a Wetsuit?

Peeing in a wetsuit is a very common habit for most surfers. Urinating in the wetsuits might look unusual to many non-surfers but it is not so to the professional and occasional divers. Especially, during winter seasons the divers would find it most natural to pee in the wetsuit. A majority of divers feel disgusting about peeing in the wetsuit. However, for surfers, it is a part of their life forever. A majority of fellow divers are involved in the same process when they chase cold waves. Do you feel odd about this peeing habit of divers or some other people when they wear a wetsuit? You need not feel gross because scientific facts are supporting these professionals on peeing in the wetsuit. Not a few surfers, but a great number of surfers are compelled to do this action due to the call of nature.



When you raise a question of whether it is natural to pee in a wetsuit, then I would say yes to your question. It is completely natural and nothing strange in it or any abnormality found in the habit. if you say that peeing divers are bad people then your judgment is not good and you are wrong in your perception. Yes, basically the divers have an urge to pee when they dive in the water. The sense of peeing automatically strikes the person when they are immersed in the water. This is due to the cold temperature of the water that makes the pressure of the person inside the water raise. As a result, the constriction of blood vessels happens to the person and it makes him urinate in his wetsuit. It is commonly called immersion diuresis, which is well known to the surfers and hence they have no guilt feel at all like others think.


On the contrary, if a person restricts urination in a wetsuit then it is totally uncomfortable. Hence, he has to go with the nature call by peeing without any restriction so that he can proceed further. For some people, this task gives him the required warmth inside the water and it is apparent for the person who does it for the first time. Not only peeing in a wetsuit is natural but it is considered logically fine by all professional divers. Why, the reason is that these surfers or divers could not come out of the water for the task. Also, the dive boats do not have bathrooms for these professionals to pee. It is difficult to put a pause for your diving to pee outside the wetsuit and hence it is considered normal to pee on the dive by all.




Pee in a wetsuit is your body's response to nature. Do you know one more thing about the task of diving in the ocean or any water? Even your bladder seems empty, the urge to urinate occurs for many when you dive. So, you can pee in a wetsuit without any wrong feel.



Many of the divers might raise the question of why I am peeing when I dive into the sea even after voiding my bladder just before that. As explained above, the physiological phenomenon definitely makes a diver pee as soon as he enters the water. It is the involuntary reaction of your body to urinate in the wetsuit.


However, some experts give the following tips on avoiding immersion diuresis for an individual.

  • To an extent, the person who dives in can put the caffeine away to the maximum level

  • Some professionals keep them dehydrated when they decide to dive but it is not a healthy tip to an extent. Update yourself on this before you make a decision. Fatigue and decompression sickness are the net results of people who are dehydrated in the water.

  • You can keep warm by the following tasks:

  • Wear a hooded vest under the wetsuit

  • Stay away from the wind

  • Wear a hat on the boat

  • Some medications might keep you warm sometimes. You can remain healthy and sober on the water

  • Remaining physically fit gives you more help from urinating.


When we speak about peeing in a wetsuit, the divers or surfers might reply to you in two types. The major people say that they are peeing in the wetsuit and others say a few people lie about it. These two replies are found common among them and you have to judge them individually. Spending hours together in the water might urge them to urinate in the wetsuit. Hence, let it go is the usual attitude of the divers in the water, and nothing wrong with it. Let us discuss the cons and pros of peeing in the surf


The cons are:

  • Due to peeing in a wetsuit, skin rashes might appear.

  • Disgusting feel disrupts the surfer in common after peeing.

  • Of course, urinating in the wetsuit is not a healthy habit because it is not environmentally friendly.

  • The wetsuit's neoprene might get damaged and stink due to the corrosive nature of the urine.

  •  You would probably feel guilty if the wetsuit is new and branded and you cannot return it after peeing.


The pros are:

  • The surfer can feel free after peeing in a wetsuit and continue with the main task of diving in the water. The comfort and happiness of diving are not interrupted and you can continue with the task as before.

  • One important thing is that the person is not able to hold urine for a long time and it is not healthy too. So, peeing in the wetsuit gives you comfort and healthy life after.

  • You can remain warm after peeing in the water.

  • Dehydration is not advisable to practice in the water and so peeing means you are hydrated.

  • Continued surfing is possible by the diver.



Peeing in a wetsuit might be embarrassing to new divers or even experienced persons, but it is natural as we discussed. Putting asides the scientific proof for the process, individuals who speak about it might feel low sometimes. There is no need to feel low on it and instead, you can follow some tips on how to pee in a wetsuit


Do not pee in your friend's wetsuit consider the relationship

There are many chances that arrive to get a wetsuit from your friends. You might feel embarrassed about your wetsuit's condition and hence your demand for other wetsuits arises. Who else can help you other than your friend? So, you have to be very kind and honest by not peeing in your friend's wetsuit when you return. Your friend does not know even if you pee but morality is important to you to protect the value of your friendship by not peeing


No renting just take it from your friend

Are you firm enough to borrow a wetsuit from your friend instead of renting? It is a good idea because it is very clear that only a person has peed in it. In case you are staying away from the house and want to dive in by borrowing or renting a wetsuit then you have to be sure that the wetsuit has been peed by someone without any doubt. Be prepared mentally about your wetsuit stink when you borrow it from unknown sources for your diving.


Draining by using freshwater

Peeing in a wetsuit is unavoidable but planning to drain your wetsuit is possible. You can plan to avoid smelling of pee in your wetsuits when you head to your home or other places after diving. You can take a shower by allowing some freshwater to enter into your body for draining the wetsuit. Saltwater is not a good one for draining purposes as it damages the wetsuit completely.


Do rinse your wetsuit

It is quite obvious to all customers rinsing and washing the wetsuit with warm water after using it. It is the same for your wetsuit also, yes you rinse the wetsuit out by using warm water to break down the saltwater. Once you are done with the rinsing task, then hang it on a hanger in the room. Usually, a wide hanger is good for the drying purpose of the wetsuit so quickly. it is advised to give a soap bath to your wetsuit once a while. If you find it very difficult to remove the stink go for de-stinking wetsuits by using a natural deodorizer.


New suit peeing

If you are using a new brand wetsuit for diving purposes then you have to be very careful during the first session. Never pee in the wetsuit during the first session because you cannot return it to the shop due to defects if any found. The peeing smell may irritate the salesperson and he would not take it back.


The above tips might help a professional or a novice with his wetsuit used during the diving tasks. These tips give clear thoughts to an individual who has some queries on how to pie in his wetsuit.


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