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How Much Does Scuba Diving Cost?

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How Much Does Scuba Diving Cost?

Are you interested in learning to dive? If yes, scuba diving is an amazing activity indeed. Diving is a matchless and priceless activity for all who are practicing. An exciting and mind-blowing experience to an individual by scuba diving is assured. Naturally, an individual like you would love a diving experience during the vacation holidays. You would not miss the hair-rising thrill when you involve in scuba diving. Learning scuba diving is not at all a daunting task if you have an interest and passion. Yes, it is true many individuals across the globe have become masters in scuba diving by consistent practice. Why don't you try it?



A common question arises within oneself when one thinks about scuba diving. The question of how much does scuba diving cost raise your eyebrows. You shall find the answer to this question without any confusion through various sources. A clear-cut idea about the cost of scuba diving triggers the passion ahead to learn by an individual. The following minor questions need answers from an expert or an experienced diver for you.


  • How much to get certified? Training & certification cost?

  • What is the price of the equipment? Scuba diving gear cost

  • What is the price of the dive? Or cost per scuba dive


The answers to the above question may vary from one person to another due to varied reasons. Hence, you have to work on getting a precise answer to the above questions. However, we shall conclude that the determination of scuba dive price depends upon the place and when you do it. The price features differ from one country to another country. Each location across the country has different price ranges for scuba dive. However, one thing is important to you when you dive under the water. What is it? It is the beauty of the water and marine life when you dive.


Certification is a must to become a well-versed diver

Ok, let us discuss the cost involved in scuba diving activity for an individual. First of all, you need to be certified to become a scuba diver. You must cope with the diving activity through proper training then. Approaching a certified trainer who is well versed, certified, and experienced in scuba diving or institution is your prime duty.


Training and Certification

A big question that you can expect from a new diver when he approaches the trainer for scuba diving is about the cost of training. However, you have some more cost involved in scuba diving asides from training costs. Let us see the cost involved in the training and certification of scuba diving.


The training task deals with types of training when you start learning. You shall know something about the training types for learning about the cost involved in it to an extent. The types such as academics, pool dives or restricted place training, and open water or unrestricted water training are available. A trainee gets the academics training through e-learning form. It needs the pace of the trainee at his home and time. The learner has to possess better knowledge, perseverance, and patience before he heads to confined water training.


Different Places, Different Training Costs

To become a competent diver, you need to learn all the skills required for diving in confined water training. These skills help him to display his brilliance during open water training before his trainer. The cost of training depends upon the route taken by the new diver to complete the training sessions. Local or ocean diving differs in cost of training and hence an individual has to know the difference of training. As we already mentioned above, the cost changes as per the location of diving and place too. Following are some of the scuba diving training costs involved across the globe


Usually, it cost between $350 and $450 in the Midwest U.S. US$70-180 is charged normally for theory diving classes by local dive centers in the U.S.A. Also, you should note that different water agencies charge different rates.


US $170-250 is the average training cost charged by most of the agencies across the globe.


The training cost may differ if you complete the course at one stretch in your holidays. Else, it gets changed if you learn on an installment basis, which means every weekend or as per time convenience.


What Is The Cost of Scuba Diving Certification?

Most of the scuba diving centers charge $200 or more hundreds for certification of learners. The pool portion and course certification are charged above $250-$350. An amount of $190 is required for the customers who take the book portion online.


The price for open water certification dive varies when compared to the above price. You have to pay $325 and $349 in some distinguished scuba diving centers in the Caribbean for 4 certification dives.


What About Scuba Diving Gear Cost?

It is quite common that most scuba dive centers charge the trainees for the diving gear along with the course fee. It means the gear cost is also included with the course fee. Some centers do not openly say this and it is taken as a hidden fee. Some of the scuba centers declare the breakups openly to the customer like training course cost, gear cost, certificate cost, etc., In many cases of scuba diving, the trainees rent the equipment from some other centers and bring it when they come for training. In some cases, the learners buy gear like snorkel, mask, and fins.


For the trainees of scuba diving, the following are the prices of scuba diving gear. The prices stated below is approximate and it may change as per location and store where it is purchased.


US$20-200 is charged for the masks required by the customer.

The fins for the dive costs about US$20-250.

The US$6-70 amount for the snorkels.


The above prices are not exact, but it is an average price for the readers to understand about the cost of scuba gear.


FYI, some scuba centers give the gear to the customers as a package feature. The package includes training and certificate combined with scuba dive gear cost. When we speak about scuba gear cost, it also includes wetsuit cost combined with mask, wetsuit boots, snorkel, and fin. Roughly, many divers spend at least an average amount of $200 and $300 for the gear. Even it gets more by the inclusion of a wetsuit and a personal computer.


Cost Per Scuba Dive

The cost per scuba dive changes from one center to another. The location and the operator charge differently for scuba diving. For example, in the Caribbean islands, the cost per scuba dive costs around $75-$130. This cost is for 2 tank boat dive for an individual.


The above is an example for your clear understanding. The price per scuba dive is not fixed in any location because it depends upon various factors and some of them are already discussed above. Some customers might bring their gear with them and so they do not need to pay the full amount. Gear and without gear are the major categories available for the customer when they reach the scuba dive center.


We can see some of the scuba dive centers announces discount features to the customer who comes in. However, we cannot expect this feature in many scuba dive centers. Only some centers are announcing the attractive feature for attracting customers.


The price is also changing as per the level of divers who come. The beginners get a different price per scuba dive when compared to the experienced divers. The beginners need a trainer for diving, and hence the cost is more when compared to the experienced professional. The experienced person does not require anyone to help him and so he needs to pay less when compared to the beginners.



If you have the interest, enthusiasm, and love to learn scuba diving get in touch with an expert. The expert gives you major tips and recommendations for your learning. Be prepared mentally and physically to achieve the goals. Once you are ready, choose the best center for your learning task without any error. Be regular and have some patience to win the race. Later on, you can become a master in the field which helps you to earn a lot.


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