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July 08, 2020 3 min read

If you are a swimmer or love to spend a significant amount of time in the water, you must have worn a wetsuit. Maybe you have borrowed it from a friend, or you have opted for the old thing that does not properly work, but you had no other option. So, it's time to buy a new wetsuit and know its price beforehand.

You probably have bought the previous wetsuit a decade ago, so the price have changed and it has become higher than that time. Even if you are buying a wetsuit for the first time, you have to figure out the budget you can go with.

General price of wetsuits

Different types of prices available for wetsuits, and you can go for, as from here you will get an affordable range as $30 to $200. At the price range of $30 to $60, you will get wetsuit tops, kids' wetsuit, shorty wetsuit, wetsuit bottoms and so on. You have to keep in mind the thicker the wetsuit is, the more expensive. You can check out other prices such as,

  • $70 to 130 suit: This type is for summer surfing and you can use it in the fall or spring will depend on the temperature. These are not perfect for cold weather. You have to keep in mind that open-cell wetsuit is more expensive than closed-cell wetsuit.


Smooth Skin Rubber Wetsuit

 Smooth Skin Rubber Wetsuits


  • $130 to 200 suit: You can use this suit throughout the year, and as per its price it's a bit a warmer, has better elasticity, to make it lighter and gives better performance. This will give you the worth for your money, as it's durable, and will give you a long time service. If you are looking for an affordable wetsuit price, you can go to a reputed store. These suits are blind stitched and glued, which makes it watertight and strong. It has a type of lining to the front and back that manages your body heat. It has an LFS system, which is a top-quality seal. This can also lengthen the life of the wetsuit as it prevents unwanted leaks on GBS.
  • $300 to 400 suits: These wetsuits are stretchy, and there is no resistance while you swim wearing it. It is made with a warmer material and lightweight. You can use it the entire year, as its idea for surfing. However, it's not accustomed to cold water, this is because of its features. If you want more flexibility, then, you have to choose a lightweight wetsuit.
  • $400 to 500 suits : These are expensive wetsuits, and they are warmer than the other types. These are soft and has a smooth texture on the front and back. These are pliable and provides more warmth. You can check the wetsuit cost from a reputed store. This is a great cold water suit, and probably won't be able to use it in summer months, as it's too warm, but you can wear it in spring and fall.

The Cost of Wetsuits

So, how much a wetsuit cost? The price depends on some important factors, such as its purpose, flexibility, material, warmth, seam and neoprene type, year-round usage, thickness, and its price. So, to break down it a little more, when you are buying a spring suit, you must not look at the thickness and quality of the suit. All wetsuits are made of standard neoprene and a blend of the same. If you spend more money, you will get the highest quality neoprene. With fullsuits the above factors apply. There are other things to check, as they can have an impact on the suit. Normally the thicker the suit is expensive it will be. If you want to use the suit in warm water, then thickness will not matter. However, if you are planning on cold water, then, it's better to go for a thicker material for the wetsuit.

Another crucial difference between high-end and low-end suits is insulation. If you are looking for full warmth, then, you have to spend some extra money on your wetsuit. On a higher price, you will get properly insulated wetsuit. As the usual rule, that if you pay more, you will get higher quality.

However, you can always get a good and cheap wetsuit, and for that you have to seek a good store for that. You can check the, and you will get different choices.

Liz H.
Liz H.

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