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Snacks for Fishing Trip; Tasty, Healthy Treats to Bring Along

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Snacks for Fishing Trip; Tasty, Healthy Treats to Bring Along

Heading on a fishing trip? Have you packed everything you might need out there? What about some bites to bring along?

Turns out, most people often overlook the need to bring along something to eat when on a fishing trip. Trust me, I made the same mistake once and didn't like the hunger pangs I had to bare with by the time I got back.

You don't have to pack a lot of foodstuffs, especially if you won't be gone for long. But a few snacks can make your fishing trip more fun, fulfilling, and memorable.

And yes, you won't have to cut the fun short if hunger gets the best of you. But now, what snacks are best to carry with you when going on a fishing trip?

That's what this post is all about, so stick around let’s go over some tasty treats that you should grab on your way out.


Fishing trip food checklist

The first thing to pay close attention to when seeking the ideal snack for your trip is what is in it for you. This goes for virtually any other meal too, not just your fishing trip snacks.

Sure, snacking helps fill in the gap between meals, especially now that you will be heading outdoors and it's highly likely the next meal you get will be at dinner. Some throw caution to the wind and go with the best-tasting snacks. You can go a little wild occasionally; I will share several great-tasting options up next.

But if you are keen on having your cake and eating it too as far as snacking and still being careful about your calorie intake then you have to dissect your snack to be keen on its anatomy.

I won't go into all the science behind what you should be looking out for in your snacks, but mostly, your snack should have the following;

  • Fiber

  • Protein

  • Healthy fats

I highlighted the three of these because they play a key role in keeping you feeling full for longer, and help in stabilizing your blood sugar levels.

You can take a combination of whole foods that check the boxes for each of these nutrients and then combine them into a homemade snack.

Go with the right snack size

Another crucial thing to be keen on is the size of the serving you can or should bring along. This could also hinge on how many portions of the nutrients above are in your snack. Also, depending on your body size and energy needs, you might need varying servings from someone else.

For instance, if you are out on a big game fishing adventure, you will need more energy than you would when going after smaller fish. Also, if you have any underlying conditions like diabetes, then you might need to resize your servings differently.

This one is open-ended, so I will leave it to you to decide what's the best snack size for you.

Fishing boat snacks for your fishing trip

With that out of the way, let’s look at some snacks that you can take with you on a fishing trip.


Sandwiches are among the most tried and tested fishing trip lunches for a long time. Perhaps the reason behind this is how easy they are to make, not to mention that you can make one real quick before leaving, or on the go.

Another perk is that sandwiches can be simple or complex, depending on your preference. You can throw in lettuce, tomatoes, deli meats, some potted meat, or something else.

Fruit salad

The good thing about fruit salad is that you can get the energy you need and makes for enough lunch. Be it some oranges, apples, or any other type of fruit that you love. Another great thing about fruit salad is that you can store them for a long without getting bad, more so if you have a cooler where you can store them.


Peanut butter (combined with apples & crackers)

Looking for something tasty that will keep you feeling full for longer? This is it. And yes, it’s among those simple fruity snacks that are a snap to put together. All it takes is to grab a pack of crackers, slice several apples, and add the peanut butter.

And voila! You have the perfect combo of fats, proteins, and carbs in one go.

Peanut butter with Jelly crackers

Here is another one of the easiest snacks you can bring with you on a fishing trip. Tuck a sleeve of Ritz crackers along with your peanut butter and a bottle of jam or jelly. Do not forget to bring along a spreader or butter knife.

With everything ready, you can easily prepare a quick bite by making a peanut butter with a jelly sandwich, although it’s best to use your Ritz crackers for your bread.

If you doubt you'll get enough time to prepare everything out there, you can make these treats at home, and then pack them in a safe and clean container.

Dessert fruit crepes

If your kids are coming along, then dessert fruit crepes are the treats you should be considering bringing along. Yes, they are easy and fast to make, and you can make a bunch of them at once if you learn how to make them.

The best way is to make them at home, pack and bring them along with a paper towel or parchment paper between them. And if you like it, you can top them with some whipped cream, but you can choose whatever other topping that your kids/family loves.

Healthy snacks to take on a boat trip

As I mentioned earlier, you need to get the best of both worlds as far as taste and health. This is especially the case if you are trying to lose weight, or maintain your current weight.

If you're checking your weight, and still want to bring a tasty snack along, then here are a few easy lunches for a fishing trip that you can try.

Granola bars

There aren't many bars out there that are as sweet and great at curbing hunger as granola bars. And that’s not all there is to these bars, they are also sure to tickle your taste buds, and they are some sweet treats that you’ll love, hands down.

Since these are plant-based bars, you can bet they are healthy treats as well, and you’d be right to think so. Granola bars are rich in fiber, protein, as well as omega-3. Then there's the chocolate topping, which is non-GMO, dairy-free, purely vegan and organic, and soy-free.

The only gripe I have to pick with these bars is how easily the wrappers blow, and the fact that the bars crumble rather easily. But that’s not a deal breaker, is it?

Hard-boiled eggs

Oh yeah, we're talking about serious protein intake here. But that’s not the only thing I love about hard-boiled eggs, they also tend to be keto-friendly, they are also some of the easiest and most convenient to carry, and hardly ever go bad.

Even better, you can bet these will keep you feeling full for a long time. And hey, it just so happens that sprinkling the shells overboard does attract fish too.


You've heard it too many times that it’s become a cliché right? Yes, an apple a day does keep the doctor away, that’s for sure. But besides the health part, apples make for one of the most convenient fruit to carry for long hauls such as a fishing trip.

Whether you throw them in a box with other treats, or wrap them in a paper towel and toss them in your beach bag, your apples will be fresh when you need them hours later.

Apples alone might not suffice though, but you can always take them alongside other snacks during your fishing trip.

Dried fruit

If you've had it with your fruity snacks going bad before snack time, then there’s an easy fix. Dehydrated fruits offer an excellent way to ensure you can carry your treats along and not end up with one heck of a mess, and be very disappointed.

Dried fruits are also a great low-calorie option, and you have a whole array of flavors and tastes to choose from. It’s all down to your preference.


This one is for all vegetarians out there. Vegetable sticks are awesome for those in need of a healthy, nutrient-rich snack for a fishing trip.

It gets even better, they are a breeze to make. All you need to do is cut up your preferred vegetables – can be carrots, celery, cucumbers, jicama…name it.

Then pack them neatly in a clean container and a few pieces of ice for preservation. When it’s time to take your bite, you can sprinkle your veggie cuts with Tajin or the Mexican lime seasoning, or any other spice you prefer. Your call!

Meal replacement shakes

You can say I saved the best for last. I am a fan of meal shakes thanks to their easy transportation, preparation, and excellent taste. These come in the form of powders, and all you have to do is add a few scoops in your bottle, add water or milk, and have yourself a healthy, nutritious drink.

With some of these, your creativity is the limit. For instance, with some meal replacement shakes, you can enjoy a great variety of recipes, just bring the pack along with several tasty fruits and a mixer, and you’re sorted.

You can enjoy your meal replacement shake as a pick-me-up drink, or take it along with another snack. It’s all up to you.

Just so you know, there are some junky ones out there that taste like scat, some leave a chalky residue, and others are pumped full of nasty fillers, flavors, and artificial sweeteners. Be sure to check the ingredients label and read reviews before pulling the trigger.

ice drinks

What do you need to keep your snacks fresh?

It just so happens that the best time to go fishing is when the sun is out, the skies are clear, and the weather is warm enough. But while the warm weather is fantastic on your skin, it can be your frenemy if your snack isn't well-packed.

There's only one way out; getting the right packing accessory for your treats. Here are some that you can count on.

Plastic bags

If it's heavy-duty, re-sealable, and easily portable, it's the one. Plastic bags are excellent for easy and quick packaging for your fishing snacks.

There are also some great freezer-safe ones, although (and this will depend on personal preference) the zipper-style ones can cause quite a mess with leakage.

I have had my fair share of problems with some of these, so I prefer the “press together” type.

You can also consider recycling your bag (as long as you haven’t used it for meat previously, which can cause contamination) if they are hard to find around where you live. But you can always check them out on Amazon, which can be cheaper than at a local groceries store.

Gear hammocks

Looking for a convenient way to store fragile items such as produce, eggs, chips…etc, a gear hammock got your back. Besides, these can hang off the roof of your boat, which can help save on space.

Plastic containers

Look around in your kitchen; you probably already got one or several of these in there. Plastic containers are great in that you can pack your treats in one and just toss them in the freezer on top of ice pieces without worrying about them tearing up and causing a mess.

But then, when picking any of these, be sure to check to ensure they are not flimsy ones that will crack from banging on surfaces as the boat rocks back and forth. There are also some whose lids pop open way too easily so watch out for that too. A glance at the reviews should help especially if you’re buying online.

The best ones to go for here are locking-lid containers that you have to pry open. I prefer ones with this locking style, and square or rectangular as you can get hold of it easily when opening the lid.

Some even have a vent for letting air out, but only use these if you're sure you can keep them in a way that it's virtually impossible to leak.

The takeaway

Now that you know some of the snacks you can bring with you on a fishing expedition, you have no reason to ever go hungry on your time when fishing.

Always package your food well to avoid making a mess and waste. Some or several of the accessories I have shared above should come in quite handy for packaging your fishing trip snacks.

What other reason do you have to go hungry when out fishing?

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