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Reviewed: The best plus size wetsuits for women in 2022

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Reviewed: The best plus size wetsuits for women in 2022

Diving, surfing, and other common watersports are usually fun, exciting, and therapeutic activities for kids and adults. With a suitable wetsuit, you can enjoy endless hours in the water without a care, doubt, or worry in the world, as it makes the experience both enjoyable and fulfilling.

Nonetheless, since most wetsuit brands design suits for persons with average body sizes, tall and big-body women can find it somewhat challenging to find the right suit that suitably fits them.

The best wetsuits for plus-size women usually range from size 16 and beyond and often stretch adequately enough to allow a comfortable and smooth fit, particularly around the waist and chest areas. Besides this, though, various additional features characterize plus-size women's wetsuits that make them suitable for this unique crop of water activity enthusiasts.

If you are shopping for the right plus-size suit, we've carefully reviewed and narrowed down the top six best options that offer plus-size options, taking price, popularity, and function into account.

Here is a list of the top six best women wetsuits for plus-size women.

 1. ZCCO Adults 5MM Neoprene Front Zip Plus Size Wetsuit with Hood

ZCCO Adults 5MM Neoprene Front Zip Plus Size Wetsuit with Hood

ZCCO Adults 5MM Neoprene Front Zip Plus Size Wetsuit with Hood

The 5mm ZCCO plus size wetsuit is a fantastic full-body wetsuit designed to offer an optimal diving experience for plus size women. It comprises three layers (5mm) of neoprene fortified with a nylon lining and a sharkskin outer layer to boost thermal insulation and delay heat loss for an enjoyable water experience. What's more, this full-body couple suit is designed to offer ultimate protection from scratches courtesy of its uniquely reinforced knees. It also comes with a front zipper that allows easing doffing/donning, complete body coverage due to its long legs and sleeves, and a smooth skin design at its sleeves, collar, and leg openings.

This plus-size wetsuit is available in several extra-large options, including S, M, L, and even 4XL!

2.   The Dive & Sail All Black Couples  Full Body Wetsuit

DIVE & SAIL All Black 3MM Front Zip Plus Size Full Wetsuit

DIVE & SAIL All Black 3MM Front Zip Plus Size Full Wetsuit

This is an all-black stunning couple wetsuit that features a front zipper for easy donning and doffing, among other unique features that make it a fantastic wetsuit option for plus-sized women.

This Dive & Sail wetsuit comprises a three-layer structural design (3mm) that features nylon and neoprene material on both sides.

With this distinct fabric design and unique flatlock stitching, the suit safeguards from the cold by locking the body temperature and delaying heat loss to ensure you remain warm even with unfavorable weather conditions.

What's more, this all-season plus size swimsuit comes with reinforced knees to prevent scratches and sunscreen allowing you to enjoy the water activity and diving experience for a relatively more extended period.

It is available in several extra sizes, including S, M, L, and even 4XL. It is suitable for various activities such as freediving, swimming, deep diving, surfing, wading sport, and snorkeling, among other activities.

3.  The Dive & Sail 3mm Full Plus Size Wetsuit

DIVE & SAIL 3mm Shark Skin Full Plus Size Wetsuit for Adults

DIVE & SAIL 3mm Shark Skin Full Plus Size Wetsuit for Adults

This is yet another stunning Dive & Sail wetsuit designed to suit plus-size women. Like its other counterparts, it also features an exclusive three-layer design (comprising a nylon lining and neoprene material with outer shark skin layer) to enhance its thermal insulation and delay body heat loss to allow optimal water sports experience.

Besides the robust shark skin outer cover covering both the breast and back, it also offers full-body coverage courtesy of its long legs and sleeves. It also comes with a convenient back zipper that facilitates easy doffing and donning.

This Dive & Sail couples' wetsuit features an exceptionally smooth skin structure at its sleeves, collar, and legs and offers protection against scratches due to its reinforced knees. It is available in various sizes, including M, S, L, and 4XL!

4.  Dive & Sail 3mm Plus Size Full Wetsuit

Dive & Sail 3mm Shark Skin Plus Size Full Wetsuit

Dive & Sail 3mm Shark Skin Plus Size Full Wetsuit

If you are looking for the most suitable plus-size wetsuit for optimal water resistance and a better surfing experience, then this Dive & Sail wetsuit is your best bet.  This 3mm plus size wetsuit incorporates a robust skin back and chest that minimizes water resistance to allow a smoother swimming experience.

Its entire three-layer structure featuring a nylon lining and neoprene fortified with an outer shark skin boosts its thermal insulation. It delays body heat loss for a longer, smoother experience-even in cool waters!

This Dive & Sail wetsuit for plus-size women comes with a top-grade YKK back zipper inclusive of a drawstring, ensuring you have an easier time wearing and getting out of the wetsuit. Better yet, it comprises 3D laminated knees and elbows to enhance flexibility and a robust flatlock stitching for resilient seams preventing scratches and sunscreen during water activities.

This suit is available in two distinct colors: black & blue and black, and is available in several sizes, including M, S, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, to allow you to engage in various activities including underwater operation, swimming, deep diving, surfing, and freediving among others.

5.  Dive & Sail (1.5mm) Full Body Wetsuit for Adults

DIVE & SAIL 1.5MM Neoprene Full Body Long Sleeves Keep Warm Surfing Wetsuit for Adults

DIVE & SAIL 1.5MM Neoprene Full Body Long Sleeves Keep Warm Surfing Wetsuit for Adults

The 1.5 mm Dive & Sail wetsuit is among the best surfing wetsuits for plus-size women in the market, and a good reason. First, this suit is designed using high-efficiency material (neoprene, nylon, and polyamide) to ensure you maneuver through the waters with minimal effort, subsequently conserving your energy for the following events.

It features advanced neoprene material that offers more insulation and offers more stretching capacity than before. In addition, it is also designed with superb trapped air technology that comprises windproof and quick dry properties for an enjoyable surfing experience.

This uniquely-designed wetsuit features a unique high-performance hydrodynamic exterior coating fortified with a suitable lycra interior and a robust back zipper to allow easy removal and donning.

Finally, it features superb skin features that offer UV protection and afford warmth necessary for extended diving and snorkeling sessions and activities in tropical waters. It is available in several plus-size options, including L, M, XL, 3XL, and 2XL options, and is suitable for various activities, including scuba diving, swimming, surfing, fishing, and snorkeling.

6. Dive & Sail (3mm) Long Sleeve Snorkeling & Surfing Adults' Wetsuit

Top-grade quality and uniquely designed with the plus size surfer in mind, this 3mm Dive & Sail wetsuit will ensure you remain both comfortable and warm. This long-sleeve plus-size wetsuit offers durable flatlock seams and an exclusive YKK front zipper with a Velcro design for easy donning and removal.

This adult wetsuit features a unique design featuring regular stretch neoprene material and flexible and soft stitched seams to protect you from scratches and sunburn during your water activities. It also comprises a nylon fabric material, taped waterproof seams, and tricot coating to keep you warm and dry in all circumstances.

Ideally, this swimsuit features a high-efficiency stretchy material to allow easy donning and removal while also guaranteeing a smoother surfing experience with minimal effort while helping you conserve energy for more events!

This surfing suit is available in three colors; pink, black, and grey, and various sizes including S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL options. It is suitable for snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, and freediving.

Buying Guide: Factors to consider when choosing a plus-size wetsuit

Here are some of the essential factors you should consider when selecting your ideal wetsuit as a plus-size individual:

Understand your body size:

In essence, this means that you should deliberately measure your waist, height, chest, among other areas, to ensure you get the most appropriate swimsuit for your surfing needs.

Consider Water temperature:

Pinpointing the water conditions will help you determine your wetsuit's thickness, type, and material composition before purchase. For instance, you can't buy a spring suit if you want to swim in freezing water conditions.

Wetsuit design

For any plus-size individual, it is essential to choose a wetsuit that is easy to wear and remove. This is why the most popular options are wetsuits with zippers and stretchy material since they promote ease of use and offer much-needed convenience.


Who says the curvy and big-bodied people can’t enjoy water activities? Ideally, the market now offers a wide array of swimsuit options to suit diverse users. Suppose you are a regular diver or an enthusiast looking to engage in various water activities.

In that case, these few options are among the most suitable swimsuit options for plus-size women across the globe. Not only are they comfortable and convenient for all weather conditions, but they are also uniquely designed to cater to your specific needs, notwithstanding your body type!

Happy shopping!

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