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JS Ninja 11' All Round Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


With Free Shipping & 12-Month Warranty, JS SUP boards are all CE certified, ensuring quality and safety. Suitable for single novice exercise, the JS Ninja 11' All Round Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is stiff, strong and light. The peak pressure can reach 34 PSI +. 15-18 psi is recommended in normal environment, excluding human factors. It takes only 8 minutes to complete the installation of the convenient inflatable SUP board.


1. Two well-packaged SUP boards can be easily put into the trunk of a car.
2. 316 stainless steel D-ring is used to fix the ankle leash.
3. Simple design of inflation valve, with more convenient and fast inflation and deflation.
4. The inserted fin adopts the world's mainstream screw fixation method to ensure that it can slide at high speed on the water surface, which ensures better water splitting ability and makes it easier to turn, thus suitable for control practice in different waters.
5. The handle is made of high-strength webbing, which is not easy to break and can easily lift the whole paddle board.




Use: Paddle Boarding, Surfing, Fishing, Yoga

Material(s): 0.7mm PVC waterproof cloth, 3mm deck skid pad, strengthened sealing cloth, cross space yarn

Paddle Board Style: Inflatable

Paddle Included: Yes

Size:335 x 82 x 15cm

Packing Size: 92 x 42 x 25cm

Bearing Weight: 120KG

Weight: 14KG

Safety Air Pressure:15PSI

Color: Black & White

Package Includes:

1 x JS Ninja 11' All Round Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

1 x Aluminum Paddle

1 x Manual Pump

1 x Backpack

1 x Fin

1 x Ankle Leash

1 x Repair Kit



On the off chance that you've chosen the comfort and lightweight highlights of stand up paddle boards, you'll need to realize the correct method to expand them. The general steps of installing an inflatable stand up paddle board include:

Stage 1 - Check the Box
Stage 2 - Lay out All of the Equipment
Stage 3 - Connect the Paddle
Stage 4 - Blow Up the Board
Stage 5 - Connect Fins
Stage 6 - Deflate the Board

Read the Ultimate Guide on the Setup of Inflatable SUP Boards.


We offer One-Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty on all inflatable paddle boards (purchased from Buy4Outoors.COM) from the date of purchase. And we offer 30-Day Manufacturer Limited Warranty on accessories such as paddles, pumps, fins and leashes from the date of purchase. We guarantee against any abnormal defect in workmanship and materials within this period. At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to either have the defective part or product professionally replaced with an equivalent product at no cost to you.

Read Our Warranty Policy on Paddle Boards.


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