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Kayak, Rafting & Paddling Wetsuits

Free Shipping! Shop kayak, rafting and paddling wetsuit at affordable prices. These wetsuits for men, women and kids range from 1.5mm to 3mm, with different types, including fullsuits, shorties, springsuits, farmer john wetsuits, jackets, vests, pants and shorts. A full body kayak wetsuit is more suitable for colder water temperature while a shorty or spring wetsuit is better for summer seasons.  

In addition to divers and surfers, many other water sports enthusiasts wear a wetsuit especially when water temperature is low. Here at Buy4Outdoors.COM, we offer a great selection of wetsuits various water sports such as kayaking, rafting and paddling. Our wetsuits move with you for better kayaking, rafting and paddling performance, and provide great warmth with their high performance neorpene materials.