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August 01, 2020 4 min read

Kayaking is a good aquatic activity to learn from since it will provide so much fun and benefits to your body while practicing it. However, it is not an easy sport, for that reason beginners have a hard time trying to memorize and react with the proper movements to avoid committing any accident on the water environment. While it sounds complicated and almost impossible to master in a few hours, in reality, kayaking is just based on your balance and paddle movements. That's it. Nothing else will be more important than that. So, you should give it a try and don't worry about your lack of knowledge because in the next explanations you will see the best 10 kayaking tips and recommendations that were given by the hand of professionals, let's begin.


Tip #1: Never Go Alone.

Like in most water activities, it is not a good idea to be alone in the wildness because if something bad happens then no one will know what will happen to your security after the accident. For that reason it is better to team up with other kayakers to bring aid to anyone who suffers from any problem during the journey. It is important to work as a team and never leave someone behind. Remember that every year, hundreds of people get lost or injured due to their adventures in kayaks, which happened because they were alone without any companion or protection at all.


Tip #2: Know How to Help Others.

While practical knowledge is important in kayaking, you need to know how to aid others just in case that something bad happens in the adventure. In some occasions, the kayak will flip around. Under that circumstance, you must not abandon the boat. Otherwise, you could suffer some damage if the water is cold and the water environment is not the best. For that reason, learn how to get back to the regular posture by going to some courses and lessons.


Tip #3: Lessons Are Important.

It may be obvious but most people tend to avoid practical lessons and that is a big mistake because in those you will learn the basics of kayaking in an easy and understandable way. The reason why it is so important to attend these lessons is that you will learn how to maintain a balance between arms, body and the kayak to avoid getting flipped on the middle of the activity. Remember that you need to be useful for your kayak team just in case that something bad happens.


Tip #4: Select the Right Boat.

There are lots of boats or kayaks to select from, but the final verdict will depend in your current skill and desire to learn. For example, if you are a beginner then you should always aim for a recreational kayak to learn the basics. In this way you will be safe and at the same time progress will be made because, at the end of the day, you are going to learn something valuable for kayaking.


Tip #5: Wear Buoyancy Vests in Every Kayaking Trip.

In simple words, they are a type of life saving jackets with the slight difference that buoyancy aids come with great adjustability around the arms and the chest, and thanks to that, it will be easier to paddle with both of your arms without suffering from any handicap that could damage the performance of your body while moving in the kayak. And also, they will maintain you safe from harsh waters in any case that you fell from the kayak or something similar.


Buoyancy Life Vests


Tip #6: Make Sure to be Dressed Properly.

In summer days it will be a good idea to get dressed in good condition to resist the warm temperatures, right? Well, if you fall from the kayak and the water is cold, then you will forget about having a pleasant day because you will remember that annoying experience for a long time. For that reason always wear something proper for water activities like a wetsuit to maintain warm even under cold waters.


 Neoprene Wetsuit Vests


Tip #7: Bring a Change of Clothes.

While most people think that thanks to the kayak their clothes will not get wet. In reality, the 99% of the time the results are the exact opposite, and if you do not want to look pathetic and weird in front of others, then do yourself a favor and bring a change of clothes that will be used after every kayaking session. In this way you will be safe from health issues and annoying situations that can be experienced if you maintain wet clothes on your body.


Tip #8: Learn Basic Postures.

The kayak may be pretty comfortable by itself, which makes it the perfect aquatic vehicle to pass the time in a comfortable position, right? Well, that may be true but you truly want to learn the proper postures to increase the performance of your paddling techniques and furthermore to gain major mobility on the water without suffering from incorrect movements due to the lack of strength in the paddling that can be the result of not sitting in the right way. Be careful.


Tip #9: Use Correctly your Paddle.

The key of success in kayaking will be your ability and skill with the paddle. In simple words, if you have a decent skill then the kayak will respond to your commands and the trip will be safer and faster. On the other hand, if you lack from proper paddle techniques and control, then that could end in a disaster due to the lack of proper movements on the water, use both of your hands and don't be afraid of water particles, it will be better to get your hands wet than your whole body.


Tip #10: You Are More Important Than Any Equipment.

In some situations, you or your teammates will face some problems during the activity that can result in the loss of some equipment like the paddles, other stuff, and even the kayak. But for multiple reasons, do not sacrifice your own security just for equipment. Remember that you can get another kayak in a couple of days later, but if you get seriously injured or lost, then prepare for the worst scenario... don't be attached to replaceable stuff. Your life is more important after all.


Liz H.
Liz H.

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