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Why do You Need a Camo Wetsuit for Spearfishing?

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Why do You Need a Camo Wetsuit for Spearfishing?

Spearfishing is one of the most exhilarating underwater activities. It is also one of the most ancient fishing methods, as can be seen from its simplicity. When the early men first discovered fish underwater, they used sharpened sticks to catch the prey. This was well before the advent of complex fishing equipment that is often used to catch fish today. Although spearfishing has simple beginnings, it is anything but easy. It takes a lot of skills and patience to make a catch using this fishing method. This is perhaps why it is also an extremely popular fishing sport.   

To be able to spearfish, you will need to learn two very important skills. First, you must be able to hold your breath underwater for quite some time, since most of the fishing happens underwater. If you have never dived, this is the skill you will have to learn. Secondly, you must be able to equalize, which refers to the ability to regulate pressure in your middle ear. Like holding your breath underwater, equalizing is skill that you have to learn over time.   


What is a Camouflage Wetsuit? 

Perhaps the most important spearfishing gear is your wetsuit. It serves a number of functions, from regulating body temperature to protecting you from stings and bites to keeping you safe from your own prey. But this is not all your wetsuit can do. With a camouflage wetsuit, you can also increase your chances of catching fish. A camo wetsuit is a lot like an ordinary wetsuit, save for its appearance. These wetsuits are made to mimic certain water environments. They come in all manner of colors, prints, shades and mimetics. All you have to do is choose one that best resembles your chosen spearfishing environment and you are good to go. This means that if you are fishing in green water, you should choose a camouflage suit that is green in color so that you can blend easily into the environment.  


Why is a Camouflage Suit Good for Spearfishing? 

One of the effects of wearing a camouflage wetsuit when spearfishing is that it tends to give a fractured impression underwater. This means that you will appear to be made of small pieces of items, as opposed to appearing solid and whole as is the case with ordinary wetsuits. The benefit in this is that fish don’t associate small items with predators, so they will not flee. This then increases your chances of catching one of them.   Another benefit of the fractured image that a camo suit gives is that fish tend to associate small items with food. It is therefore quite possible that the fish will be drawn to you rather than repelled by you. This will also boost your chances of getting them. 



That spearfishing is a lot of fun is an undeniable fact. It can be electrifying and immensely exciting. That being said, spearfishing is also lots of hard work. It requires monumental patience and skills to catch fish using this method. One way to increase your chances of catching fish is to wear a camo suit underwater. The suit is deceptive to prey which may confuse you for food, and this will increase your chances of catching them. Why not wear a camouflage wetsuit the next time you are spearfishing? It will prove to be worth every single coin you spend on it.

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