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What Is Bodysurfing?

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What Is Bodysurfing?

The bodysurfing is the purest and the oldest forms of surfing. It is actually another form to an endorphin high. If you love waves and swimming, then this is a great activity that you can choose. You can travel through thousands of waves and the journey starts with a single bodysurf. So, what is bodysurfing? It is one of the sports that involves riding of waves without any assistance such as surfboard or the body-board. This sport is performed with the help of the swim-fins that help in propulsion. It also helps the bodysurfer to catch, kick and ride the waves. To know more about this sport and how to do bodysurfing, read on.



The bodysurfing, as many experts say, is one of the purest forms of a sport. With the right technique and skills, you can easily become better and improve more in this sport. It is true that this sport can help you understand and feel the waves on a totally new and different level. Here I will tell you about how you can start bodysurfing and the important things that you will need.


Choose a Beach

The first and foremost step to know bodysurfing and to learn it is to choose a beach. As a beginner, it is better to choose a beach that has length wade-out with gentle slopes. A beginner must practice first in the chest-high whitewater and make sure it has a good distance from the sea shore.


Learning the Techniques

Once you have chosen the beach, it is time for you learn and try some techniques. Try the techniques properly before you allow the broken and rushing foam to push you ahead. But here, you don't have to stick to all the techniques. You can easily figure out which one works the best for you and get the right idea about how the body will feel when you are in a momentum. As a beginner, it is better to try on the waves that are not bigger than 4 feet in height.


Catching the Wave

Whenever you spot a wave, you will have to ride it. So, you have to turn your back to the wave and use the feet to push the bottom of the ocean. Thus, you will launch yourself into the front crawl swim. It is important to swim quite fast and make big scoops in the water when you are paddling. This can be done by kicking off your feet as much as possible to increase the speed. When you notice that the wave is lifting you, make sure to stop kicking. Instead, you have thrust both the arms in the particular direction that you want to go. You have to keep on pushing your entire weight to the leading arm for creating the downward and forward momentum. Follow these steps for bodysurfing in the best way:


  • Step 1: Here you have to spin and paddle hard when you see a perfect wave that you like. Use the freestyle stroke or crawl stroke for speeding here. Using the arms, generate the forward motion and take a bit of control in the water.

  • Step 2: Once you ride the wave, consider the superman' pose. Just keep your arms held completely straight and your body rigid. This can help you to pick up the speed along with the waves. But you will not be able to steer.

  • Step 3: While doing this, keep on paddling and kicking to ride the wave as long as it is possible for you. After the wave reaches the peak, it will slowly break out and you will be carried further. You can swim harder and prolong the ride.

  • Step 4: The wave will carry you unless and until there is not sufficient force for sweeping you. You can get up and wait for the next wave to come. Repeat the same steps.


Wetsuits for Bodysurfing

Wetsuits for Bodysurfing


Bodysurfing in Bigger Waves

Once you have become accustomed to the waves, you can perform well. As a beginner, it can be tough for you to tackle the bigger waves. Larger waves are more fun and exciting for sure. But they also require a stronger and much more experienced swimmer. If you have complete trust on your swimming and you have greater adaptabilities along with great techniques, then you can surely shift to the larger and bigger waves. There are some cons of trying bigger waves.


As the water gets deeper, you will not be able to push of the bottom of the ocean for launching yourself. Hence, you will need a set of fins to help you in this. You have to ensure that those swim fins properly fit your size to provide maximum versatility when swimming. If you want to ride fast, then you have to choose peaky waves that break powerfully yet smoothly. You should never seek for large waves close to shore just like the smaller waves. You need to have a decent angle for breaking the waves.



Just like many other forms of sports, the bodysurfing is all about physical activities. It is a great way to punch through the wall of your comfort zone. You can expand your boundaries and try something really unique and exciting. If you are wondering why to choose bodysurfing, here are 4 main reasons:


1. Push Your Comfort Level

People often hesitate to try something different and something daring. This sport is also one of the most daring as well as exciting one that many people, including me, will hesitate to try for the first time. But it can give you immense joy and satisfaction after doing it one time. From my personal experiences, I can tell you that I am absolutely hooked and addicted to this sport now! It can increase your confidence level and help you to rise above your comfort level.

2. Experiencing the Barrels

May be, it will be terrifying for you to swim through those wave barrels at first. But once you get used to it and can easily swim through those waves, it can be view to watch. When you witness the first visions of those barrels it is really mesmerizing and a scintillating view to witness. That is something you cannot enjoy through other's eyes or pictures.


3. Increase the Wave Count

If you love oceans or seas and their waves, then the best way to enjoy it is by bodysurfing. This sport can get you more waves than anything can give you. Whether you travel an entire day via cruise or a yacht, nothing can beat the experience of the waves in bodysurfing. You can keep the wave count and get the best of it.


4. New Way to Enjoy Swimming

If you are bored by plain and normal swimming pattern, then you can try this out. The bodysurfing is surely one of the best ways to try out great swimming skills along with few other techniques, as mentioned above. You can enjoy the swim as well as the beauty of the waves all in one way.


Bodysurfing, being a simple sport, can be learned easily and naturally. It is also quite fun and exciting. But there are certain things that you have to keep in mind when you are learning the bodysurfing:

  • Hire the best trainer: It is important for you to hire the best trainer to train you. Don't go alone to learn or practice, especially if you are just starting out and you are a beginner. Choose a good experience coach or trainer to help you.

  • Practice the swimming: You have to make sure that your swimming is perfectly up to the mark. This sport is all about swimming and its techniques. Hence, it is very important to keep practicing your swimming skills. There can be some tricky situations where your swimming skills can help you to overcome.

  • Begin with smaller waves: Even though you are a great swimmer and you are full of energy, it is important to start off with smaller waves. Try to be far away from the shore as it will be safer for you. Even if the waves break down harshly, you will not get thrashed on the shore. Later as you advance and improve, you can try surfing in larger and bigger waves.

  • Stay off shore: The next most important tip that you need to know is that you have to stay off the shore. You have to stay away from the obstacles. Chances are high to get hurt if you are close to the shores.


If you were wondering about what is bodysurfing, then you have probably got the answer. Moreover, this method of surfing is quite different from the normal and conventional board surfing that you have seen. All you will need here is some good swimming skills and techniques. If you want to try the surfing in deeper water, then you can try on the swimming fins. These swimming fins can help you to enjoy the bodysurfing in a much more professional and advanced way. Also, make sure to keep the above mentioned tips in your mind when you are trying this surfing method.



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