A wetsuit is a garment that provides thermal protection when you go swimming, surfing, diving, and other underwater activities. It is usually made of foamed neoprene. When choosing a wetsuit, you will find many different types based on the climate and sports. When you are looking for the best wetsuit, it will depend on your usage of it. Steamer wetsuit is one type of them. This article will explain what a steamer wetsuit is and how many different types of wetsuits there are.


What Is A Steamer Wetsuit?

A steamer wetsuit is a type of full length wetsuit with long sleeves and long legs. The steamer wetsuit is to keep you warm when you are diving underwater or surfing on the water. The main purpose of wearing a full length wetsuit is to reduce the loss of body heat and maintain your temperature. Also you will get thermal protection inside the cloth. You can wear a steamer when you are surfing in cold water. The full suit will protect you from the chilling effect. You will get various thicknesses of steamers, and each serves a different range of water temperature.

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Before you buy one you have to check the thickness, material, stitching type, entry type, color, size and so on. In addition to steamer wetsuits, there are many other different wetsuit types. Let's check them out.  


Other Types of Wetsuits Explained

Shorty Wetsuits

Shorty wetsuits give essential protection to your torso while providing flexibility to your arms and legs. The type of wetsuit will help you stay comfortable on the summer days, which is in the shape of one piece wetsuit with short sleeves and short legs. The neoprene is usually 1.5mm to 3mm thick.



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Great for spring and summer days. You will get short or long sleeves for a spring suit. However, it covers a part of your legs, and you will get both short and long arm length with this type of wetsuit. This type of wetsuits is based on your warmth requirement and the type of weather you are going to surf in. Your arms and legs will be protected from the harsh sun. Also, it will slowly increase the body temperature. Another great advantage is that springsuits are usually lightweight, ranging from 1.5mm to 3mm.



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Short Arm Steamers

This wetsuit is built to give you core warmth, and that is the main purpose of a short arm steamer. The material is usually 2 to 3mm thick, and it covers your legs and trunks. It also gives protection to your upper arms, while your forearms are exposed. You will not find any difficulties while paddling, but you have to choose the right size. If you have selected a suit that is too small or oversized, you will not be able to paddle flexibly. This wetsuit is made for easy paddling and gives essential warmth.


MYLEDI 2MM Mens One Piece Short Arm Steamer Wetsuit

Wetsuit Jackets

This is a more protective version of the vest as a jacket has full-length arms, and it provides better warmth to the upper body. You will get more protection from cool or cold water, and your underarm will also stay inside the jacket. With a wetsuit jacket, your arms stay warm, and you won't have to expose your underarm. The thickness of the wetsuit is normally 1.5mm to 5mm. For surfing, a front zip wetsuit jacket might be a bit tricky, as that can be uncomfortable when you are paddling on your surfboard.


MYLEDI Ladies 2mm Front Zip Wetsuit Jacket w/Standup Collar

Short John Wetsuits

You can use this on the summer surf days. This type of short leg one piece Farmer John wetsuit will cover your torso with a certain level of warmth. Only your arms will be bare. This sleeveless wetsuit is perfect to wear in warm waters. You can show off your muscled arms and legs. Also, if you wear this in the summer months, you will get the comfort and flexibility. It is also great for stand up paddle boarding.


MYLEDI Mens Neoprene 2MM Short Farmer John Wetsuit


Long John Wetsuits

This type of sleeveless wetsuit covers your torso and your legs. You can get easy paddling and you can move your arms freely. You will not get the restraints of neoprene. Long Farmer John wetsuit is perfect for a warm temperature but cool water. Your body (except for your arms) will be covered with the wetsuit, and you will get more flexibility and warmth as well.

MYLEDI 3MM Neoprene Farmer Long John Wetsuit


MYLEDI 3MM Neoprene Farmer Long John Wetsuit



This is the full suit or known as the long arm steamer. This suit is for surfing in the cold water. It comes with various ranges of thickness, and it will depend on the level of warmth you need. If you are going to surf in warm and cool waters, you might require 1mm to 3mm thickness. For very cold water you will have to choose 3, 5 to 7mm thickness. Also, this will help you stay longer in the water.


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Some full suits have hoods attached to them. For water temperature below 17 ˚ C, you will get a 7mm hooded full suit with gloves and boots. This will help you stay longer in the cold water and dive without any restraints. This is one of the best types of wetsuits available and you can wear it on cold weather. But, be careful to choose the right thickness since the thick the suit is, the less flexible it will become.


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