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Kids Summer Wetsuit Buying Guide 2019

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Kids Summer Wetsuit Buying Guide 2019

If your kid loves surfing or diving in a wetsuit, then you might as well get him/her the best wetsuit you can find. But that is easier said than done. So, the secret to getting the most appropriate wetsuit for your child begins with you knowing as much as you can about this category of kids diving gear. This is what it takes to make the right decision as you make your purchase in order to bring a smile to your child's face. Sure, some tips will work on child and adult wetsuits, but this guide specifically addresses a kid's summer wetsuit needs.  


Thickness of Kids Wetsuit 

There is one important reason why thickness is so important when you buy a child's wetsuit - it determines the warmth of the suit when the child gets into the water. Based on how your child reacts to spending some time in the water, you should get a suit of an appropriate thickness.  

Basically, if the child is often shaking and shivering after getting into the water, then a thicker suit is the way to go as it will help him/her stay warm. Otherwise, if the cold does not seem to get to him even after being in the water, a thinner wetsuit would be adequate. Also, consider the water temperatures as you determine the suit's thickness.  

2 mm - For water temperatures above 85 F

3 mm - Water temperatures of between 70 and 85 F

5 mm - For water temperatures of between 60 and 70 degrees F

6.5 mm - When the water has temperatures of between 50 and 70 degrees.  

Superhero 2.5mm Full Body Diving Wetsuit for Boys

Superhero 2.5mm Full Body Diving Wetsuit for Boys

Types of Kids Wetsuits 

Here, you have three options:

Full Suits - This suit covers the entire body except for the face, hands, and feet, and it offers the greatest amount of warmth and protection. It is ideal for scuba diving.  

Shorties (Shorty) - Suits where the legs end above the knees and the sleeves are short as well. The shortie allows room for more movement than a full suit. This suit is great for kids who just like playing around in the water as it's warm and also flexible.  

Childrens Color Block Shorty Snorkeling Diving Wetsuit 

Childrens Color Block Shorty Snorkeling Diving Wetsuit

Sizing Guide 

For adults wetsuits, a single metric is not enough to pick an appropriate wetsuit. It is the same as kids’ wetsuits. With kids, you have to take into consideration a number of factors to ensure the suit is comfortable for your child. In addition to age, you have to consider the suit's height, waist, hips, and chest.  

Generally, if your child's measurement on any of these metrics falls between categories, you should go with the larger size. If possible, always have your kid try out the suit to see how good of a fit it offers. A suit has to offer a snug fit so that it can offer its heat insulation benefits.  


To Sum Up

Your child might only wear a wetsuit for a season since kids grow fast and these costumes have to offer a snug fit. However, that does not mean you should not take the process of buying your kid a wetsuit seriously. Getting the right suit will ensure that the child gets enough protection when in the water and that he/she enjoys time on the water even more. With this guide, buying your kid a good wetsuit should be easy.

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