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Buying Guide: How to Choose a Diving Wetsuit

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Buying Guide: How to Choose a Diving Wetsuit

In tropical countries such as Malaysia, diving as a tourism project can also be experienced by non-professional people. So does an ordinary tourist need to buy a diving suit? If necessary, how to buy the right diving suit? Here is a simple guide for you.


Definition and Classification

The main function of a diving suit is to maintain the diver's body temperature and prevent accidental injury (because some jellyfish, coral and other benthos are toxic). In addition, it can also be used for sun protection. Diving suits can be divided into dry suits and wet suits. As the name implies, dry suits are waterproof, mainly used in cold areas. Wetsuits are not waterproof, but they also keep body temperature.

Generally, you do not need to wear a diving suit when the water temperature is above 27°C. If the water temperature is below 27°C, you can wear a wetsuit. If the water temperature is below 10°C, you need to wear a dry suit. So to go to the warm tropics, we just need to pay attention to diving wetsuits.


Diving Wetsuits

Generally, the outer layer of wetsuits is nylon or lycra fabric, and the inner part is foamed neoprene. This structure is designed to reduce heat exchange and prevent heat loss. Seawater can still enter the intimate part, so in order to reduce heat exchange, we should choose diving wetsuits that are fit as much as possible to reduce the entry of seawater. Simply put, wetsuits should not be too loose, neither should they be too tight. The standard of a fit wetsuit is: close to the body, not affecting the movement of limbs and joints and without pressure on breathing.

Diving wetsuits are also divided into long sleeved wetsuits and short sleeved wetsuits. Long sleeved wetsuits are suitable for the season with slightly lower water temperature. In addition, if you need to dive for a long time, such as more than 2 hours, wear a long-sleeved diving wetsuit. Girls who are afraid of sunshine should also choose long-sleeved diving suits.


How should I choose a diving wetsuit?

Diving experts are recommend to buy high-quality branded diving wetsuits. Generally, their underwater time is longer, so a long sleeved wetsuit with durable nylon and neoprene fabric has wider adaptability.

For diving enthusiasts: they are quasi-professional or intend to become quasi-professional, and their frequency of use of diving suits is not as high as that of diving experts. If sufficient funds are available, consider 3mm or 5mm wetsuits (as mentioned earlier, the thickness is related to the speed of heat exchange). They can also consider practical diving suits with knee protection.

The advantage of Lycra wetsuits is that they are rich in color but slightly low in strength. If you want to take beautiful photos underwater, you should choose beautiful wetsuits of Lycra fabric.

Ordinary tourists who expect a one-time diving experience: If they want to try a deep diving experience, diving clubs with qualifications generally have diving suits for rent, so they do not need to buy their own ones. Yet, neat freaks and particularly sensitive people can prepare their own set of diving wetsuits if needed. If it's a snorkeling experience, you don't need a special diving wetsuit in the warm tropics, but just bring your own dive skin!

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