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Best Hooded Wetsuits for Adults in 2022

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Best Hooded Wetsuits for Adults in 2022

There are so many options for best-hooded wetsuits since other sports apart from surfing require you to wear a wetsuit. Whether kayaking, diving, or other open water swimming activities, using a wetsuit to counter the cold has become a norm.

It can be pretty overwhelming to select the hooded wetsuit of your preference. So, it is essential to be familiar with the basics of a wetsuit. But if you do not have the time to choose a wetsuit, here are the top six hooded wetsuits in 2022.

1. DIVESTAR 7mm Semi-dry Winter Wetsuit with Hood

DIVESTAR 7mm Semi-dry Winter Wetsuit with Hood

DIVESTAR 7mm Semi-dry Winter Wetsuit with Hood

This DIVESTAR hooded wetsuit is the key to all open, cold-water sports and races. The hood has a neoprene-thickness push lining that keeps you warm. Even when diving in waters under 17°C, you will still feel super-warm.

The DIVESTAR 7mm semi-dry winter wetsuit with a hood does not disappoint when it comes to protection. It has a binding stitch glued for optimal thermal insulation and protection and a front zipper with a water-proof shield. This design makes the winter wetsuit ideal for icy waters.

The one-piece hooded wetsuit also has skin cuffs that prevent water entry. It is perfect for underwater activities, swimming, scuba diving, wading sports, snorkeling, freediving, surfing, and spearfishing.

If you want a unisex neoprene and nylon wetsuit, DIVESTAR 7mm is best for you. It is available in all sizes, and remember, if you are between sizes, always go for the larger option.

2. Dive & Sail 3mm Beavertail 2 Piece Camo Wetsuit

Dive & Sail 3MM Beavertail 2 Piece Camo Wetsuit

Dive & Sail 3MM Beavertail 2 Piece Camo Wetsuit

Dive & sail 3mm Beavertail 2-piece camo wetsuit is a nice blend of farmer John's style pants and a hooded jacket. Both are designed using neoprene and nylon with a 3mm thickness. This design improves insulation and thermal protection, which keeps you warm even during winter.

The full-piece hooded wetsuit also keeps you warm as it covers your head, arms, torso, and legs. If you want a wetsuit for spearfishing, this is the one. The brown and yellow camo pattern helps you get to your prey unnoticeably.

The Dive & sail 3mm wetsuit has a chest and knees that prevent scratches and skin lining on the hood, leg openings, and cuffs. Finally, this neoprene wetsuit has a nylon lining and a polyamide outer layer that keeps it sturdy and prevents water from leaking.

It is unisex, available in all sizes, and ideal for open and cold-water sports.

3. SAKINNO 3.5mm Two-Piece Hooded Wetsuit – Camo/Black

SAKINNO 3.5mm Two Piece Hooded Wetsuit - Camo/Black

SAKINNO 3.5mm Two Piece Hooded Wetsuit - Camo/Black

Are you looking for a wetsuit that keeps you safe and stylish? Try this men's SAKINNO 3.5mm two-piece. It is available in black camouflage, reef camouflage, and plain black. The zipless hooded wetsuit and pants are reinforced with glued, blind stitching for durability and insulation.

Additionally, the wetsuit has neoprene and nylon lining that keeps you safe under cold water. The insulating material prevents your body from losing heat. This, in turn, helps you stay underwater for more extended periods. The SAKINNO 3,5mm 2-piece wetsuit is excellent for divers compared to other wetsuits.

This camouflage wetsuit not only retains warmth but also keeps you safe from predators and invisible to prey. The chest and knees are also reinforced to keep you from getting hurt as you enjoy water sports. It is available in sizes S-3XL and has a crotch strap closure.

4. ZCCO Mens 5MM Two Piece Beavertail Hooded Wetsuit

ZCCO Mens 5MM Two Piece Beavertail Hooded Wetsuit

ZCCO Mens 5MM Two Piece Beavertail Hooded Wetsuit

The ZCCO 5mm hooded wetsuit is a one-of-a-kind unisex 2-piece. It consists of pants and a hooded beavertail jacket, both lined with open cell neoprene. This material is perfect for use in waters 20°C and above – moderate to warm water temperatures.

It is the ultimate wetsuit for men and women to spearfish, go kayaking, and free-dive in. You will also be safe from injuries because the knees and chest are strengthened for protection. Even though it is a 2-piece, it seamlessly covers your whole body, head to legs.

While most hooded wetsuits come in plain colors or standard camo, this one is available in camouflage, making it excellent for fishing activities. The GBS stitching also keeps the wetsuit sturdy, insulates it, and prevents water from getting into the wetsuit.

Remember that the chest and height measurements are vital when picking the size. You can wear your ZCCO wetsuit during freediving, scuba diving, spearfishing, and other deep-water sports.

5. Sbart Men’s 3mm 2-piece Coral Reef Camo Wetsuit

Sbart Mens 3mm 2 Piece Coral Reef Camo Wetsuit

Sbart Mens 3mm 2 Piece Coral Reef Camo Wetsuit

The Sbart Men’s 3mm 2-piece coral reef camo is one of the best-hooded wetsuits for men. It will give you fantastic spearfishing experiences. The 3mm thick neoprene keeps the warmth in such that you don't feel the cold in deep waters.

This hooded wetsuitwill keep you looking chic with its coral reef camo pattern. Plus, your prey will not see you coming. Hence, you will get closer to your target without getting noticed. This is the wetsuit to add to your collection for spearfishing around reefs. It will blend seamlessly with flora and fauna.

The neoprene material enhances the wetsuit’s insulation. Therefore, your body won't lose heat underwater. When your body temperature is locked, you can dive even in chilly waters without worry. This wetsuit is available in reef gray and black and sizes S-2XL.

6. DIVESTAR 3mm Smooth Skin Hooded 2-piece Wetsuit

DIVESTAR 3MM Smooth Skin Hooded 2 Piece Wetsuit

DIVESTAR 3MM Smooth Skin Hooded 2 Piece Wetsuit

Last but not least on the list is the DIVESTAR 3mm 2-piece wetsuit. It is a 3mm-thick neoprene wetsuit covering your whole body with pants and a hooded jacket. The design consists of features that work for freedivers in particular.

The smooth skin outer layer and nylon-neoprene material prevent the cold wind and water from affecting your body. This hooded wetsuitis also tight-fitting and has full-body coverage to keep it water-tight. It is unisex and comes in plain color black and sizes S-XL.

Before getting a wetsuit, consider the following factors:

· The purpose of the wetsuit

· The design – 1-piece or 2-piece

· The thickness

· The material used to design the wetsuit

· Type of stitching

· Accessories that come with the package

Remember to wash your wetsuit frequently and store it under a shade after drying. This keeps it looking new and well-maintained. Furthermore, if you wear a hooded wetsuit, always keep the hood on – extra space leaves room for water to leak in.


It would be best if you had a wetsuit for lots of reasons. If you have events or races in a cold climate, water, and higher altitudes, then a wetsuit is compulsory. Consequently, if your swim is over a hundred yards, ensure you use one of the above best-hooded wetsuits.

Also, note that not all open water activities are wetsuit-legal. Before participating in any race or event, confirm the legalities in your area.

The swim portion is not a bed of roses for everyone, especially divers, and it doesn't have to be. As long as your wetsuit keeps you safe and warm, has high buoyancy and extraordinary hydrodynamics, and makes you look cool, it is perfect.

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