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5 Best Triathlon Wetsuits for Beginners

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5 Best Triathlon Wetsuits for Beginners

Although wetsuits are not required for triathlon, many triathletes still choose to invest in a wetsuit to help them through one of the most daunting legs of the event. Especially for long-course races like Ironman, a triathlon wetsuit can be especially helpful for a number of reasons. In addition to keeping you warmer when immersed in colder waters, triathlon wetsuits are uniquely designed to support optimal buoyancy, rotation, and shoulder mobility for freestyle swimming.

As a beginner in the sport, it can be difficult to determine what type of triathlon wetsuit to buy. Not only are there many different brands to choose from, but the price range can vary between below a hundred dollars to nearly a thousand dollars. And like most athletic gear products, you get what you pay for with triathlon wetsuits.

1. HISEA Yamamoto Full Triathlon Wetsuit


This full-sleeve triathlon wetsuit from HISEA features 3mm thick Yamamoto smooth skin neoprene that fits snugly to the body for optimal slipstream in the water. As a level-up from the 2mm option, this 3mm HISEA triathlon wetsuit provides added thermal insulation and durability under adverse conditions. Priced a little over $150, this is a fantastic option for beginners. Learn more about the HISEA Yamamoto Full Triathlon Wetsuit.

2. TYR Hurricane Cat 1

The TYR Hurricane is a classic triathlon wetsuit that provides elite-level performance at beginner pricing for just under $300. It’s tailored using premium-grade neoprene and features a flexible, comfortable fit that provides free shoulder mobility.  The Hurricane is also a very buoyant wetsuit that works well in colder temperatures. Overall, it's a great choice for beginner and intermediate-level triathletes who want to remain competitive and maximize their potential in the open water. You can find a more in-depth review of this triathlon wetsuit or visit the official TYR website to learn more about the Hurricane Cat 1, including other models in the Hurricane series.

3. MYLEDI Short Farmer John Wetsuit


If you're looking for a sleeveless triathlon wetsuit under $100, the MYLEDI Short Farmer John Wetsuit is a fantastic smooth skin option that's designed for unrestricted swimming. The stretchy 2mm rubber material makes it easy to put on while providing a flexible and forming fit that's fast in the water. The MYLEDI Short Farmer John Wetsuit is also designed with shorter legs, so it fits well across many body types. Take a closer look at the MYLEDI Short Farmer John Wetsuit to learn more.

4. Xterra Volt Sleevless Triathlon Wetsuit

The Xterra Volt triathlon wetsuit is another reputable Sleeveless option priced at just over $100. Made with a 3/2mm neoprene construction, the Xterra Volt provides exceptional flexibility but doesn't slack on buoyancy, keeping your torso and legs in an optimal position for efficient, low-drag freestyle swimming. Xterra also offers a correct size guarantee, so you have 30 days to return the wetsuit if you're not happy. Get more information about the Xterra Volt.

5. Bluseventy Sprint Wetsuit

The last beginner triathlon wetsuit worth mentioning is the Bluseventy Sprint. Designed with a Super Composite Skin coating, the Sprint offers a strong hydrophobic barrier for increased speed and resilience under duress. The neoprene paneling 3-4-4 profile promotes ample buoyancy and body positioning, and an improved Neckline combined with Easy Out Ankles makes it easy to remove the wetsuit when transitioning from swimming to biking. Priced right around the $250 mark, it's worth taking a closer look at the Bluseventy Sprint.

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