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What are Some Great Games to Play with Your Pet Dog Outside?

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What are Some Great Games to Play with Your Pet Dog Outside?

If you have a pet dog, you should play with him daily or at least a few times a week. But there are not many options to play with your dog inside of your home. But if it is outside, you will certainly have so many options in this regard.

Playing with your dog is really considered to be purely fun and exciting. It is even more, so it is a bright sunny day. There are plenty of outdoor games that you can decide to play with your dog to have real fun. A few of these games are described below that you can consider playing with your furry friend.

Dog Frisbee Game

Frisbee is also known as a disc dog. This is certainly considered a very exciting game for your dog that will make your dog exercise too. This game is there to check your dog’s concentration and agility. Not to mention, playing this game will strengthen the bond between you and your dog. In case this is your first time playing this game, then you should use a soft Frisbee that you should use gently while playing with the dog.

Dog Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a popular and exciting hunt that kids basically play. But this game is also quite popular and liked by dogs too. This game is likely to rest your dog’s scent-tracking ability.

In order to play this game, you are supposed to take your dog’s toy or treat and then hide it in your backyard. While hiring it, you should tell some other family member or companion to handle the dog so that the dog does not already know the hiding place.

Once you are done concealing the treat, you can bring the dog to the backyard and ask him to find the object by smelling it. If the dog struggles, then you should help him. If he finds the hidden spot, you should reward or praise him as an encouragement.

Tug of War

This is another popular outdoor game that you can play with your pet dog. Not to mention, this can also be played indoors. This amazing game enables your dog to do some activities and exercises properly, keeping him fit and fine. Set the rule that your dog cannot touch the rope with its mouth. Once the dog touches it with his mouth, you should immediately stop the game.

As a result, your dog is less likely to touch it with his mouth again. Through this game, your pet friend is supposed to learn as to how to follow the rules and discipline in the best way possible. Through this game, you can also train your dog to learn several other cues like ‘stop’, ‘get it, ‘stay’ etc.

At the end of the game, you should tell your dog to ‘let go’. If he understands the instructions and lets it go, you should reward him with a treat. It will make the dog learn many other things this way.

Flirt Pole Game

This is surely considered to be quite an addictive game that is highly likely to stimulate both the body and mind of your pet dog. It keeps your dog very active while playing this game. The flirt pole is nothing but a long pole with some rope attached to it. You are supposed to place some that your dog is to catch at the rope end. In this regard, you can use any lure, be it his favourite toy or favourite treat.

Making this flirt pole is quite easy. All you need to have is a long PVC tube and a few meters of rope. You are supposed to pass the rope to a PVC tube, tie a large knot at its one end, and tie a lure on the other end. Playing this game with your dog will be very entertaining and exciting. You should find best security systems for your pet like dog electric fence from reputed vendors to ensure that your fury friend is safe and sound against all odds.

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Hide and Seek

This is considered to be the most common and most enjoyable that you can play with your furry friend. Like kids, dogs also never get tired of playing hide and seek. To play this game, you must first grab your dog’s toy or treat it and then hide. Once you are hidden, you should call your dog's name from afar.

Then your dog is supposed to find you. If he finds you, you should praise him or feed him with the treat. Playing this game stimulates your dog’s brain and his natural sniffing abilities. You are really going to have a lot of fun playing this game.

Digging Box

This is another amazing game that you can decide to play with your dog. Some dogs are known to be born diggers. Hence, by playing this game, you can know whether your pet dog is a born digger or not.

You are supposed to need sand and wood to make the arrangement to play this game. You need to bury his toy in the sand and then ask him to find it. If he can find it, then you should reward him.  

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