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MYLEDI 3MM Neoprene Farmer Long John Wetsuit


The MYLEDI 3MM One Piece Long John Wetsuitis featured with its sleeveless design which offers more flexibility to your arms. Made of 3mm high quality neoprene with nylon lining and nylon outer layer, the Farmer John style wetsuit provides necessary warmth to your torso and legs. The freedom of your upper limb enables better paddling in the long run. This sleeveless long leg wetsuit is great for surfing, paddling, snorkeling and other water sports in warm waters. You can also wear it with a beavertail wetsuit jacket in cool and cold weather. 


1. 3mm neoprene with nylon lining and nylon outer layer.

2. Sleeveless design for more freedom to your upper limb.

3. The long John one piece wetsuit provides thermal protection to your torso and legs.

4. Also a great match with your beavertail wetsuit jacket for water sports in cool and cold waters.



Material: Neoprene

Gender: Men

Color: Black

Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn

Thickness: 3MM

Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Suitable for: swimming, wading sport, underwater operation, freediving, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, spear fishing

Package Includes: 1x MYLEDI 3MM Neoprene Farmer Long John Wetsuit


Size Chart

1. Please choose your size based on body measurements.

2. Chest, waist and height are the most important measurements.

3. If you are between sizes, take the large size.

Size  Chest (cm) Hips (cm) Waist (cm) Height (cm) Weight (kg)
S 88 82 76 160-167 50-59
M 92 86 80 167-173 59-65
L 96 90 84 173-175 65-72.5
XL 100 94 88 175-180 72.5-77.5
2XL 104 98 92 180-185 77.5-82.5
3XL 108 102 96 185-190 82.5-90
Size  Chest (in) Hips (in) Waist (in) Height (in) Weight (lb)
S 34.6 32.3 29.9 62.9-65.7 110-130
M 36.2 33.9 31.5 65.7-68.1 130-143
L 37.8 35.4 33.1 68.1-68.9 143-160
XL 39.4 37.0 34.6 68.9-70.8 160-171
2XL 40.9 38.6 36.2 70.8-72.8 171-182
3XL 42.5 40.2 37.8 72.8-74.8 182-198

Error range: 1-3cm   1cm=0.393700788 inches   1kg=2.20462262 pounds