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How Should a Wetsuit Fit?

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How Should a Wetsuit Fit?

If you are going to buy a wetsuit for the first time then you must know the answer to this question: how should a wetsuit fit? In fact, different companies manufacture wetsuits in various sizes and their sizing charts can also be different. So it becomes important to know how you can choose a perfect fit wetsuit for you. some tips are discussed in this write-up to help you in finding a perfect fit wetsuit for you.



Type of your body: Most manufacturers of wetsuits publish sizing charts based on weight and height but usually these charts do not include wetsuits fit to certain types of bodies. So if you are barrel-chested or have broad shoulders then you will have to buy a wetsuit one size up to fit your body. Similarly, if your body s thin then you may have to go for a wetsuit one size down. In this situation, it is not easy to order a wetsuit online even if you can exchange it with another brand or size if it does not fit properly. So it is better to try a few wetsuits of different styles, brands, and models to find the best fit wetsuit for you.


Legs and arms: Usually people focus more on the overall length of the wetsuit instead of focusing on the length of its arms and legs also. Though a wetsuit will not affect your swimming time if its arms and legs are very short in length but if they are too long then you can easily adjust them by trimming their length especially when you have shorter legs and a longer torso. Actually, most of the wetsuits of different brands have extra-long arms and legs as well as include the instructions to trim them so that you can adjust their length as per your body type. In this situation, it is very important to consider the fitting and tightness of the wetsuit at your torso. It should be flexible enough so that you feel comfortable while breathing in as well as holding water. So the length of arms and legs is also important to consider while buying a properly fit wetsuit.


Try it physically: The wetsuit you buy should not be too loose in the crotch area. So, while trying a wetsuit to know how fit it is for your body, you must pull it on to know how snug you feel between your legs. After that, you should consider its comfort on your shoulders, legs, and arms. You should never try a wetsuit in a hurry as the entire process takes a few minutes but it can be a waste of your money if it does not fit properly to your body. The wetsuit you buy should be fit to your body so that you may need someone to help you in pulling and zipping it up especially on the day of competition.


Proper fitting on the trunk: A wetsuit can be poorly fit for your body if it has too much or too small space around your trunk. The wetsuit will fill in or fill out water while swimming if it is not properly fit on your torso. So while buying a properly fit wetsuit then it should be fit in this region also along with other areas of your body. It should allow you to take deep breaths along with moving your shoulder and arms freely.


Comfort at collar: The fitting of the collar of the wetsuit is also important to consider while buying it. You cannot change the fitting of the collar without damaging the wetsuit. The collar of your wetsuit should not be uncomfortable to an unbearable level as it can stretch with time. A wetsuit with a low-cut collar can be the best for you if you have a bigger neck. If the neckline of the wetsuit restricts your movement and breathing then you will have to give up the race in between even if you have a properly fit wetsuit. So you should also focus on the comfort of the collar of the wetsuit while buying it.


The tightness of the wetsuit: The wetsuit you buy should neither be too tight nor too loose on your body. It should be tight enough so that you can breathe in easily and neither it cuts off your circulation nor makes it a painful experience. It should be tight enough to snug your body and loose enough to allow your body to move comfortably to its full range. You should also keep in mind while buying a wetsuit that neoprene used in it stretches with time as well as when it gets wet. If you do not know how to size a wetsuit properly then you should buy a snugger one. It should not have air pockets or folds if you are buying it to swim at a faster pace. It will not improve your enthusiasm and keep you warm while swimming if it is not a tight fit for your body.


In this situation, the question arises: how tight should be a wetsuit? The information provided here under can help you to know more in this regard.



The fitting of a wetsuit should not be too tight to restrict your movement regardless of the level of your experience as a surfer, scuba diver, or a tri-athlete. Today many manufacturers are using stretchy materials for manufacturing wetsuits to improve the performance of the swimmers. Many people buy wetsuits of one size down due to the stretchy materials used in making them. But a wetsuit of one size down can not only affect its lifespan but also its insulating properties. So while buying a wetsuit for the first time it is important to know how tight it should be on your body.


The three things discussed here under can help you to understand the right tightness of your wetsuit for you.


The sensation of tightness should be right: The wetsuit you buy should not be too tight to breathing or movement. It should be snug enough but not tight to affect your blood circulation. It should slightly squeeze your body and close enough to work like its second skin. It should not be challenging for your wrists and arms to get into the armholes of your wetsuit while putting it on. A wetsuit will be too tight for you if your limbs have to struggle to get through it. The layer of neoprene on your body not only protects you from cold water but also provides you with more flexibility. So you should never feel uncomfortable after wearing a wetsuit as it will restrict your activities in the water.


Symptoms and signs of the right level of tightness: The right level of tightness of a wetsuit at different parts of your body can be recognized through the following signs and symptoms.


Lower half: People usually overlook the lower half of the wetsuit while buying it. while pulling up the wetsuit over your knees if you feel a sensation around your thighs and hips then it can be too tight around your hips and thighs. It will slow down your energy and add tension while moving your legs in the water and affect your performance every time.


Lower back: You should check the tightness of the wetsuit near your tailbone while pulling it above your buttocks. If your lower back is lifted up while wearing the wetsuit and it forms a bit of trampoline structure on your lower back then it can be due to its too short torso. It will lift your body instead of resting on it due to the stretching of its material. The wetsuit of the right tightness should have the maximum contact against the skin of your entire body instead of lifting it at certain areas.


Arms: To assess the tightness of the wetsuit on your arms you should move your arms in a paddling movement after zipping it up. It should not restrict your movement even slightly if its tightness is right for your body but if it restricts your movement then it can be tight at your shoulders, arms, and chest. If your wetsuit is very tight then it can also make your breathing uncomfortable. So while buying a wetsuit you should ensure that it allows you to breathe and move your arms comfortably.



Many manufactures are using modern techniques to produce very stretchable neoprene. For this reason, many tri-athletes and surfers buy wetsuits one size down. But it makes the neoprene thinner when it is stretched on their body. It will affect the warmth of the wetsuit and will draw more energy for every kick and stroke due to the tight-fitting of the wetsuit. The wetsuit you buy must be able to improve your performance and time in the water. So it should be snug fit enough but should not restrict your movement.



Thus by considering all the tips discussed in this write-up you can easily buy a wetsuit with the right fit.


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