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How To Choose The Right Kayaking Life Vest?

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How To Choose The Right Kayaking Life Vest?

There are multiple water activities that are very interesting since they are capable of pulling some skills in the human body after practicing them for a nice amount of time, and also they are very enjoyable since there are lots of things to do and see in the underwater environments such as interesting and breath-taking natural formations, animal species and so much more. One of the best and most popular is kayaking since it represents a lot of things and is the ideal one to relax after a hard week of work or even to forget about your daily problems, but why is kayaking? And what kind of security measures should you follow during the activity? Let's discover it now. Stay tuned.


Kayaking is one of those water sports or activities that involves the usage of paddles to acquire movement through the water while the individual is sitting on a special boat that receives the name of "kayak" in which you will be sitting during the activity and most of these kayaks counts with the feature that they cover the human legs to provide a better and more comfortable experience, and also, some of them count with the opportunity of carrying two people. Since this adds more weight to the kayak, more strength and movements will be required to gain traction and speed. It is recommended to go on this activity with a single kayak.


The good thing about kayaking is the fact that you can combine it with other activities. For example, if you want to go to a camping experience, then you can bring your kayak in case that there is something like a lake or a river near the camping place and even take a fishing rod to try your luck and skills while catching some fishes for the meals.


However, you need to consider something important. There are different types of kayaks out there, some of which are made for specific environmental conditions. For the type of experience that the user wants to hold, find the most suitable for your skills, and also there is the fact that you will need a life vest, but why is this so important? Let's discover it.



Aquatic activities may be incredibly fun. However, most people tend to forget that the water environments are one of the most dangerous places in the world depending on where you want to practice some activity. Thus, you need to always consider the security measures that exist before going to the place. One of these measures is the usage of life vests, and while this can be pretty obvious, at least 60% of the kayaking community forget about this piece of equipment that is capable to saving lots of life just by using it on your body! So, let's discuss right now the importance of life vests for kayaking.


Life Vests for Kayaking

Life Vests for Kayaking


The most important reason why you should wear a life vest is because they protect your body against difficult water conditions that can be capable of flipping your kayak, and once you are in the water finding the kayak is crucial, but your survival is what matters most. You can even breathe casually by falling of a kayak with these life vests because they were designed and created to provide mobility, skills and also to protect the body against the harsh conditions of the water. Why would you want to ignore the usage of these wonderful items?


Now, once you have made your mind, you must know how to buy the best life vests suited for your skills, movement capability, and taste as well as other important measures. Let's finish this journey.



Design is Important

Life vests come in different styles, which is not just to provide a better look but also functionality. In fact, there are several basic features of popular life vest designs for kayaking. The first one is that most of them have a large armhole. It is designed like this is mainly because you will be able to make greatest movements and the speed of your paddling will be boosted gradually without any interference. Therefore, it could be said that this is aimed for those that want maximum efficiency in their movements.


The second feature is more targeted for those that want more comfort during the activity and is the one that comes with a mesh in the back at the bottom, perfect to maintain sitting in the kayak for a long period without suffering for any discomfort in your body or something like that.


Another design feature refers to the safety belts and buckles that are equipped for you to make self-adjustment, which is very important especially if you want to wear a fitting vest that guarantees safety.


Fit and Comfort

It is very important the life vest fits into your body with enough comfort so that you actually want to hold it and maintain it on your body during the whole activity without wanting to take it off while being on the kayak, and also, it must be fit enough to maintain on your body in the case that you fall off the kayak or if the water flips the kayak. If the life vest goes out of your body then the protection wouldn't even have a place at all because the equipment will be loose and everything will be in vain. For that reason, always check and try the life vest before going into action. It will be better to be more mentally prepared for everything.


Keep in mind that with these two considerations you will be able to find a life vest suitable for your taste. However, there are some extra features like the add-ons of pockets that will be perfect to store some equipment or little snacks to eat during the activity, but these are extremely secondary. Always watch for the fit, comfort, and design, which will be the ones that will decide your luck on hard situations, and finally, never go alone in these adventures. Find a group or a partner to provide aid in every moment.

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