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  • How to choose a paddle board?

    The right paddle board varies from person to person. Knowing what you need to look out for will ensure you get a paddle that works for you. Here are some of the things you need to look out for when it comes to a paddle board:
    · Stability. When it comes to a paddle board, you need to ensure you get a paddle board that is wide enough for both your feet on it.
    · Portability. Since you will be moving from the beach to other places. You need to be able to carry your paddle from either the car or the storage area into the water and back. A good paddle has to be heavy enough, so it does break but not too heavy that you cannot lift it.

  • What size paddle board should i get?

    Many people forget that you need to ensure that you get a paddle you can easily lift and use when it comes to paddles. Your height and weight will determine the size of paddle you get. For this reason, there is no one size fits all when it comes to the kind of paddle you get. Before you buy a paddle board, all you have to do is look at the sizing chart available online. That way, you can figure out whether the paddle you have in mind is something that will not be too small that it breaks or too big that you can hardly move it around.
  • Can you surf on a paddle board?

    Yes, you can surf on a paddle board. When buying a paddle board for surfing, you need to remember to get one that can handle the activity. People often get paddle boards and think they will work for everything, only for them to realize they cannot use them for surfing. Talk to the staff at the shop and figure out how you can use your paddle board. That way, you are sure you have a paddle board suitable for other activities and will help prevent damage to the board itself.
  • How long dose it take to ship a stand up paddle board?

    Shipping days for your paddle board will depend on several factors. Before ordering the board, ensure you go online and see how long it takes to ship it to you. One of the things that will determine how long it takes for the order to get to you is how far you are from the shop. If you are shipping overseas, then it will take longer. You can cut down on time by choosing air shipping. All the details on how long it will take to get your paddle bard are on our site, and all you have to do is inquire before placing your order.
  • How much do inflatable stand up paddle boards cost?

    The cost of a paddle board will depend on a couple of things. If you plan to buy one, you might notice that there are different prices for the different boards. If you want a bigger board, then you need to look at how big your board is. Bigger boats will cost more, so keep that in mind. Another thing you need to look at is the designs on the board. Some designs are costlier, so if you have a tight budget, it is best if you were to go for a slightly cheaper board. The kind of board you have should not be too expensive for you.

  • Do rash guards keep you warm in cold water?

     No, a rash guard will not keep you warm in cold water. Many people confuse rash guards with wetsuits, which are meant to keep you warm in cold water. The rash guard is made of really thin material, and its main purpose is to protect you from the elements. The layer of protection it gives ensures that you do not get sunburned or stung by an organism in the water. If you plan swimming in cold water, you need to ensure that you get yourself a wetsuit. It is better designed to ensure that you stay warm while in the chilli water. The rash guard is perfect for when you are on a sunny day at the beach, it is light enough, so you do not feel like you are sweating underneath it. It also dries off fast once you get out of the water. If you want to stay warm, add a wet suit on top of your rash guard.
  • What to wear under a rash guard?

    For the better part, rash guards are worn as is. You do not need to put anything else underneath the rash guard. Since it fits so snugly, adding something underneath would mean that you are destroying the fit of the item since it is made of really stretchy fabric. However, if you are in cold temperatures, it will help to wear a wetsuit on top of it. The wet suit is designed to keep you warm, and the rash guard will just be an extra layer of warmth for you. For the better part, rash guards are worn with biker shorts or swimming shorts. As long as you ensure they are not too tight on you to move around freely. A fitting rash guard will not have enough allowance for you to wear anything underneath, so keep that in mind. It will make wearing and styling it easier for you.
  • Do rash guards have UV protection?

    Yes and no. Some rash guards do have UV protection, and no, not all rash guards have UV protection. If you are looking for a rash guard that protects you from the sun’s UV rays, you need to ensure it is made of fabric with an added coating of UV rays’ protection. If your rash guard does not have this, you will need sunscreen. The main reason you need to get a rash guard with UV protection is that you are sure that wherever your skin is covered, you are safe. It is not like sunscreen where you keep questioning yourself on whether you have gotten all the necessary areas most rash guards with UV protection have an SPF of  50+, although you can get those with an SPF of about +200, which offers maximum protection from UV rays. They are the best if you plan on staying in or out the water for long time.
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