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SENHON 2MM Galaxy Print Rubber Wetsuit Jacket


The SENHON 2MM Galaxy Print Rubber Wetsuit Jacket is featured with its smooth skin front and back. The front zip makes it easy to put on and out of due to its smooth and flexible feature. And water is not prone to flush in. The wetsuit jacket has a stylish look with its galaxy print sleeves.


1. 2MM smooth skin neoprene for warmth and protection.

2. Smooth front zipper for easy pulling up and down.

3. Galaxy print sleeves make it look cool and stylish.

4. Great for different kinds of water sports such as freediving and surfing.


Material: Neoprene

Gender: Men/Women/Unisex

Color: Black & Blue

Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Thickness: 2MM

Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL

Zipper Type: Front-zip Closure

Suitable for: swimming, wading sport, underwater operation, freediving, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, spear fishing

Package Includes: 1x SENHON 2MM Galaxy Print Rubber Wetsuit Jacket


Size Chart

1. Please choose your size based on body measurements.

2. Length and chest are the most important measurements.

3. If you are between sizes, take the large size.

Size  Chest (cm) Length (cm) Height (cm) Weight (kg)
S 80 55 145-150 35-45
M 85 56 150-160 45-55
L 91 57 158-165 55-65
XL 94 59 165-175 65-75
2XL 98 61 175-185 75-85
Size  Chest (in) Length (in) Height (cm) Weight (lb)
S 31.5 21.7 57.1-59.1 77.2-99.2
M 33.5 22.0 59.1-63.0 99.2-121.3
L 35.8 22.4 62.2-65.0 121.3-143.3
XL 37.0 23.2 65.0-68.9 143.3-165.3
2XL 38.6 24.0 68.9-72.8 165.3-187.4

Error range: 1-3cm   1cm=0.393700788 inches   1kg=2.20462262 pounds