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eBikes for the Outdoors: Go Further and Explore More with these Electric Bikes

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eBikes for the Outdoors: Go Further and Explore More with these Electric Bikes

eBikes have become increasingly popular over recent years, and for good reason. From commuting to adventuring, eBikes provide electric motor-driven assistance when pedaling, thereby enabling riders to go further with less effort. In fact, some electric bikes can travel short distances with no pedaling at all.

Electric assistance allows more people to enjoy the fun and utility of riding bikes, especially those who are older, injured, or simply out of shape. When it comes to adventure and exploration, electric bikes allow riders to go further and see more in less time. In other words, most people can go distances that are otherwise not feasible without an eBike.

If you’re curious about eBikes, it’s important to know that not all electric bikes are treated equally. Some types, like folding bikes, are purely designed for commuting and more functional purposes. Other types, like fat tire bikes, provide performance capabilities and powerful motors designed to cover long distances and rugged terrain.

Here are a few examples of outdoorsy-friendly eBike brands and models that are well-suited for on and off-road adventures of all types.

Aventon Adventure eBike

Aventon makes some of the best electric bikes in the business. The Adventure eBike from Aventon is a flagship model that's powered by an 1130-watt (peak power) and 750-watt (sustained power) motor and offers durable, fat tires for relentless terrain.

Unlike other electric bike makers that offer single-size models and bike frames, the Aventon Adventure comes in three different frame sizes for different height riders. Not only is the bike fit dialed, but the Adventure offers about 45 miles of range with a full charge. Learn more at

Velowave Ranger eBike

The Velowave Ranger is a resilient, highly-durable eBike that is designed for those who enjoy all-terrain exploration outdoors. The Ranger packs a 750 watts sustained-power motor that offers a peak output of 1275 watts. The bike delivers strong torque, and with its 4-inch wide Kenda tires, the Ranger rips some of the gnarliest roads.

Designed with a lightweight yet durable aluminum frame, the Velowave Ranger is well-regarded for its agility and responsiveness as an eBike. Like most Velowave eBike models, the Ranger has a top speed of 28 MPH, making it one of the fastest electric bikes out there. The battery life is also among the longest, offering 60+ miles of electric/pedal assist. Learn more at

Wing Freedom 2 eBike

The Wing Freedom 2 is a series roadster that delivers off-road capabilities. It's the flagship eBike model from Wing Bikes. It's designed with an extended top tube that has a European-inspired look and feel. But the Wing Freedom 2 goes one step further with built-in lights and an anti-theft system.

At just 39lbs, the Freedom 2 is one of the lightest electric bikes on the market. An efficient 550-watt motor provides a 45-mile range with the upgraded 10.4-ah battery size. Widely known for its easy-to-ride, smooth, and comfortable riding experience, the motor is also fairly quiet compared to most electric bikes. Although it has a commuter-style design, it's powerful and capable enough for a wide range of explorative riding. Learn more at

Aventon, Velowave, and Wing are three premier-quality eBike brands that produce superior products. If you’re interested in outdoor-friendly electric bikes, consider these models and more from these three bike makers.

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