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Yon Sub 5mm Neoprene Surf Wetsuit Booties


The Yon Sub 5mm Neoprene Surf Wetsuit Booties will protect your feet from scratches, skidding and coldness. Have you ever encountered such troubles when going to the sea? When playing on the beach, sand is often poured into the shoes, hurting your feet. If you are not careful when swimming in the water, you might be scratched by the reef at the bottom of the sea. The ordinary sports shoes will slide in the shoes when they are wet and stuffy. In fact, you just lack a pair of amphibious diving shoes with all-round protection. The vulcanized wetsuit boots are featured with a special protective design at the instep, which can effectively reduce the collision of external force. Moreover, the sole adopts solid anti-skid design, which makes the sole grip stronger and the anti-skid effect more prominent.


1. 5mm thick neoprene with vulcanized rubber for the sole.
2. A pair of quick drying, amphibious wetsuit boots.
3. Anti-skid design at the sole to protect you from slipping.
4. Reinforced instep to avoid scratches and injuries.


Brand:Yon Sub

Material: Neoprene

Color: Black, Blue, Pink

Age: Adults

Thickness: 5mm

Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Size: 5#, 6#, 7#, 8#, 9#, 10#, 11#, 12#

Application: underwater operation, freediving, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, spearfishing, etc.

Package Includes: 1x Yon Sub 5mm Neoprene Surf Wetsuit Booties


Size Chart

US Size  EU Size
5# 36-37
6# 37-38
7# 39
8# 40-41
9# 42
10# 43-44
11# 45
12# 46-47