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Long John/Jane Wetsuits

Free Shipping! Buy best mens long John wetsuits and womens long Jane wetsuits on sale from Buy4Outdoors.COM. We have one piece long John/Jane wetsuits at affordable prices, normally under $100, which are suitable for men and ladies to go triathlon, surfing, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and paddle boarding in spring, summer and autumn. Mostly available in 3mm thickness, these long John/Jane style wetsuits are sleeveless ones with long legs.

They are great for water sports in warm waters, mainly covering your torso, thus providing more flexibility to your upper limb and enabling better paddling in the long run. Some long John wetsuits have a front zipper while there are some zipless farmer John style wetsuit pants. The zipless long John wetsuit is a great match with your beavertail wetsuit jacket, the combination of which is ideal for water sports in cool and cold waters.