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What to Do with Old Wetsuits?

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What to Do with Old Wetsuits?

How long you have been using your wetsuits? Are you a beginner or an experienced person in swimming? Surely, you will have a lot of stories and feel when we speak about wetsuits. An excellent product would have given you a nice and protective life on the water for many years. Even a beginner can say a lot about his wetsuits. A quality product not only protects us but put us in a comfortable zone for many days. Ok, a good feeling about your wetsuit is praiseworthy, but what about your frustration after some years of using wetsuits. Henceforth, we shall call your wetsuits old wetsuits because you have used them for many years. A normal life for your wetsuit is about a maximum of three to four years.



Either many years of wetsuit might eat your happiness or the unraveled seam of your wetsuit may put you in deep stress. It is common for all customers who use the wetsuit for a longer time. Wear and tear is a common issue when we use wetsuits longer. Even a short duration can make your product unfit to use due to improper usage. Yes, maintenance and cleaning the wetsuit prolong the wetsuit period to another extent. Quality of the product and maintaining the terms of the user are major highlights of the wetsuit life span. Ok, let it be what would you do if your wetsuit does not work to your satisfaction and show damaged symptoms such as stiffness and holes in it. Even some of the old wetsuits are sun-bleached due to long exposure by the customers.



If you have the idea of throwing the old and unfit wetsuits to the open land? If so, forget the idea because your wetsuits are not biodegradable and hence it disturbs the environment. So, have some alternative ideas for the question What to Do with Old Wetsuits? Since you are an enthusiastic swimmer or diver for many reasons you might have known the serious effects of neoprene which is used for making wetsuits. If you feel warm even when you are warm out of the water then you should consider the following way. So, plan wisely for your old wetsuits as follows.



If you decide to stop using the old wetsuits and want to use a fresh one, then you need to consider some protective ways of using the wetsuit by someone else usefully. Instead of throwing it, you can donate the old wetsuit to some charity organization that helps disabled children and adults in many ways. The charity organizations have various donating programs through which they can deliver your old wetsuit to someone who is unable to survive and disabled. Hence, consider this option to serve humans who are unfit to buy a fresh one. Your idea of donating the old wetsuits to someone to reusing it is an exemplary choice.


Repurpose and Upcycling Your Wetsuits by Some Companies

There are many companies across the globe and your location which are involved in recycling your old and weathered wetsuits in a nice way. For example, a few companies that are involved in making yoga mats use your ragged wetsuits by recycling it. Some more companies upcycle your wetsuits and hence the regular donation of old wetsuits given them some confidence. Some of the companies use your torn wetsuit for making rugged wallets. These wallets are having the property of floating on water which helps you a lot on the water.


Backpack and outdoor gear makers are involved in using the old wetsuit for their production. In many countries, these companies are conducting programs for the donators so that they can make use of them. Some wetsuit warehouses are focusing on green initiative measures by using the torn wetsuits to give them to some recycling companies. By doing this , the customers who donate get a major discount when they shop at the store. This is mutual help between the customers and the warehouse. Another option where you can utlise the wetsuit that is not good by making camera gear. The camera gear requires tough and insulated protection which is provided by your wetsuit.



In many western countries, many community programs are conducted based on surf and diving. You can sponsor the worn and torn wetsuits to the participants of these programs. They can utilize the wetsuits for the programs in an effective way. Many social organizations are conducting many surfing programs for disabled people. These surfing participants do not have the revenue to buy a new wetsuit for participating. So, your donation might help them to cope with the success of diving. There are many companies which are conducting these types of social or community programs very often. They would surely utilize your donations for helping the underprivileged people or disabled ones.


Not only community programs, but many surf companies are regularly conducting water sports for interested participants in the country. The participants are given free wetsuits that are donated by you so that the program gets popularized. So, donating the wetsuits that are old by you benefit many destitute people in the country


Take Action Simply

The above donations are made by the divers who have old products with them in an easy step. The donation accepting companies/organizations have left bins at every important place in the city. These bins are used by the donators of old wetsuit properly to help companies make new products for humans. These wetsuits that had become very old and unfit are used by the companies later for their new products' making. A special team of the company collect the dumped products in the bin for recycling purposes So, you can use the bins of the companies for putting your unnecessary wetsuits properly.



How can I use my old wetsuit or torn one for my personal use again? Is it possible, but how? Yes, it is possible if at all you use your skills with the help of an expert. How wonderful it is if you know the reality of using it again. For example, repurpose the old wetsuit for making it as your laptop case. You can redesign the wetsuit with the help of a sewing machine and top-quality needles. The old wetsuit has neoprene material that serves as a good cushion and insulator for your laptop. The bendable and tactile neoprene gives you an exact laptop bag that feels easy. So, you can repurpose the bag as per your wish without throwing it.


Oven Mitts and Koozies

Yet another popular way of reusing your old wetsuit is by turning them into beer koozies. This is a popular recycling technique being followed by many people in many countries. Still, you can try to change the wetsuit that is old into oven mitts. This is due to the heat resistance property of the wetsuit. If you have the knack for making it then you can use it in your kitchen easily. Simply follow the instructions given online to change your old wetsuits.


Pet Lovers Can Use the Wetsuit

Pet lovers would know or can try using the ragged wetsuits for protecting their cats. Yes, cats use cat trees for relaxation and stretching purposes. So, you can change the wetsuits for wrapping the cat tree to give cushion purposes to your cats. Even make a cushioned mat for your cats to sleep by properly cutting the wetsuits easily.


You Can Get a Mouse Pad

Yet another way to use your damaged wetsuits properly transforming them into mouse pads. You can redesign the wetsuit as a mouse pad for your computer work. It does not involve any major work but simple to accomplish the task. The neoprene material serves both as a slider and a rough side for the mouse pad on the up and low side respectively.




Majorly, divers and other surfers would know environmentally friendly factors. This is because they love the ocean and natural resources than others most. So, they would understand the recycling methods well, and hence throwing an old wetsuit simply is not a positive approach at all. What are the disastrous and evil effects of an old wetsuit that is made of neoprene's effect on nature? The nature lovers would not disturb the land and soil by the waste step of simply dumping the torn wetsuit without any purpose. The above methods might help a diver to use the old product very usefully and environmentally friendly. Loving nature is very important to all citizens and hence recycling the ragged wetsuit is vital to all.


If your old wetsuits are not effective, simply go with the protective uses of the product instead of throwing it unnecessarily. The petroleum rubber product does not yield good effects on the soil and hence using it effectively would save nature and the customers. The above advantages of an old wetsuit give you top-notch results and a comfortable mindset by saving nature in all aspects.


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