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September 11, 2020 4 min read

What is a spring suit wetsuit? In case you are a beginner to water sports, you might have heard individuals talking regarding spring suits. Below, we have mentioned what a spring wetsuit actually is and also the different factors to take into consideration while purchasing a spring suit.

Although the term "spring wetsuit" might be quite new to you, it is actually simple. These are actually wetsuits which do not offer full coverage. This might make you think regarding what a shorty wetsuit is. It is actually another term used for denoting spring suits on some occasions. It comes with short legs as well as sleeves and it is ideal for water sports where it is important to keep your elbows and knees mobile such that you are prepared for action.


Different Types of Wetsuits

At present, you will come across 8 types of wetsuits each of which serving a particular purpose. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned the different types of wetsuits out there.


1. The Hooded Full Wetsuit

This particular type of wetsuit is appropriate for the cold water surfers or divers and they come with neoprene protection as well. This model will help to keep your ears as well as brain warmer in extreme water and air temperatures since approximately 40% of the body heat is lost by means of our head.


2. The Full Wetsuit

This type of wetsuit (also called steamer wetsuit) is going to cover the whole body including the legs, arms, and torso, and is amongst the most well-known wetsuit models on the market. The full wetsuit is usually employed in water environments which are cold to cool. The thicknesses usually range from 1.5mm to 5mm.


3. The Long John/Jane Wetsuit

This model of wetsuit is a sleeveless one with long legs, which will not cover your arms when it comes in contact with the water. This wetsuit enables better paddling in the long run.


4. The Spring Wetsuit

Surfers or divers usually use this type of wetsuit which is a traditional short-legged model during summer and spring in temperate climates when the temperature of the water is not cold.


Springsuit Wetsuit

Spring Wetsuits


5. The Short Arm Steamer Wetsuit

This wetsuit is actually a well-known short arm wetsuit model which covers the trunk and leg and is utilized by the surfers who are not capable of surfing without neoprene protection in the warm waters.

6. The Short John/Jane Wetsuit

This is amongst the most basic models of wetsuits on the market right now. Like a long farmer John/Jane suit, the short John/Jane wetsuit is a sleeveless one but with short legs. Being mainly sold in 2-millimeter models, it helps to safeguard the upper body.


7. The Wetsuit Jacket

This wetsuit type provides ample neoprene protection for the arms and the torso. It usually comes with a front zipper and one should use it in warm and windy areas.

8. The Wetsuit Vest

This type of wetsuit is used only in warm conditions and provides adequate neoprene protection for the upper body. Although it helps to avoid UV rays and rashes, it will not be able to provide you with the required warmth in cold waters.

How to Choose a Springsuit?

Below, we have mentioned some essential factors which should be taken into consideration while choosing a springsuit.


Shorty Wetsuits

Shorty Wetsuits


1. Thickness

It is important to focus on the thickness of your wetsuit since in case it is thicker it will allow you to stay warmer in cold weather conditions. A thicker wetsuit will be required if you are going to remain in the cold water for a significant span of time. Try to figure out the water temperature you are going to be in and then evaluate the thickness of the springsuit.

2. Style

Although you need not look like one of your favorite celebrities, it really matters how you're going to feel regarding your wetsuit. In case you do not like to exhibit your upper arms and your performance will not be undermined because of a short sleeve rather than a tank top style, then it will be sensible to go for that particular style. Opt for one featuring short sleeve and longer leg in case a long sleeve spring suit with swimsuit-like bottoms does not make you feel comfortable.

3. Protection Provided

In case you are concerned about the risks of skin cancer since you spend a significant amount of time in the sun, long or short sleeves will make you more comfortable instead of a tank top style springsuit. This will offer you adequate protection from the sun on your upper arms and shoulders.

4. How the Springsuit Zips

It is possible for the zipper to be on the back or on the chest. It is entirely up to you which one you'd like to go for.


Liz H.
Liz H.

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