Surfing, without a doubt, is one of the most loved water sports worldwide. Though usually men are seen participating in this sport, many women and girls too have nowadays started showing interest.


Now, before you ladies go out surfing, you need to know that just learning surfing skills are not enough. There is a lot more you need to learn and follow if you want to enjoy and at the same time stay safe and protected. To make things easier for you we shall now share 10 surf tips that will help get you started.


Invest in a good swimsuit

You might be used to posing in a little bikini on your social media accounts. But, if you plan to use them while going out surfing, you need to think again. Chances are they will not stay in place and reveal a lot more than you will ever want. So, it will be wise if you instead invest in good surf wear that will stay in place while you enjoy the sport.


Womens Surfing Wetsuits

Womens Wetsuits for Surfing


Protect your skin

If you do not want to harm your skin then better give it the attention that it deserves. Make sure to apply a good layer of sunscreen that contains zinc oxide. There are various brands that are reef-friendly as well and will not end you up with a white-faced look.


Give importance to your hair

As far as your hair is concerned, you must use a good quality biodegradable conditioner before you go out surfing. Many surfing women prefer using oil, but a conditioner is likely to stay in your hair much better. Alternatively, you may use a surf hair mask that specifically has been created for the purpose.


Avoid surfing alone

Surfing can be dangerous. Even in those beaches that have great waves, there are chances of strong undercurrents, riptides, or even sharp coral reefs present underneath. This increases the chances of an injury, particularly if you are going surfing for the first time. It will thus be wise if you go surfing along with a friend. Also, make sure there is someone on the beach constantly watching you. This can prove helpful in case there is an emergency.


Tie your locks back

Though this may not seem to be important, it is, and far more than you can imagine. If drenched hair gets caught in your mouth, there are chances of getting drowned. Also, your hair might get caught on something and prevent you from getting back to the surface. So, take no risks and tie your hair up.


Shower right after surfing

You may have heard that saltwater and ocean water is good for your skin. But, if the salt stays on your skin for way too long then it can cause redness, dryness, and even irritation. Furthermore, once the water dries it will be quite difficult to get rid of the salt deposits. It will thus be wise if you take a shower right after surfing to get rid of all the deposited salt and keep your skin safe.


Change your bikini bottoms

If you want to avoid urinary tract, bacterial, or yeast infection that long-term exposure to ocean water may cause, then change to a dry bikini bottom soon after you have enjoyed surfing. Any female surfer who is prone to such infections, must give this more importance.


Keep yourself moisturized

After you have spent a while in the sun, salt, and sweat, it is necessary to rehydrate your skin and yourself as well. Even after a shower, some salt deposits may remain on your skin and can dry it out. Thus, it will be good to moisturize your skin properly and lock in the nutrients and water that your skin requires.


Do wipe-out

While surfing, it is good to wipe-out, and in fact, it is something that cannot be avoided. So, warm-up, stretch and enjoy this as well. However, do remember that covering your head with your hands, tucking into a ball, and relaxing, and holding your breath is important when wiping-out. Yes, some water may enter your nose, but this is a part of the sport.


Avoid manicures and pedicures

There is no point opting for a manicure and pedicure as it will get ruined by the second surf session. Also, do not bother to get your nails done. The saltwater will tear apart gel or even regular nail paint, so save your money for some special occasion.


To Conclude

It may be a male-dominated sport, but if you train yourself well you can certainly do better at surfing than your male counterparts. Also, remember to follow each of the tips given above to make sure you enjoy every bit of the surfing sessions while causing no harm to yourself or your skin and hair at all.


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