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November 01, 2020 3 min read

A wetsuit is one kind of dress that is specially designed to keep you warm in the water. So, it is necessary to select the fabric and lining of the wetsuit. You will get so many types of wetsuits for different activities and water sports. Surfing wetsuits are one of the most versatile ones. These will give you warmth for the long surfing sessions. You can do water sports in cool or cold water without any obstructions. So, for windsurfing, rafting, wakeboarding, kayaking and scuba diving, these types of wetsuits are also very much necessary.


So, before buying any particular wetsuit, you need to check wetsuit lining. A wetsuit should be fit perfect and nice to our body. The lining is a thin layer. Let's check the details about the lining.


Wetsuit Materials

There are so many different kinds of knitted materials such as nylon, polyester and all. The manufacturers knit these materials so accurately to make them flexible. You will have to remember the fact that the flexible lining is better for your wetsuit. Wetsuits are made with neoprene and it is also called as neoprene suits.


What Is Neoprene? The actual name of this chemical is known as polychloroprene. It is one kind of elastic and synthetic rubber type material used in the wetsuit. This rubber material has very good insulation properties. These cells are filled with nitrogen gas and air.


Double-lined and Single-lined Neoprene

You may have heard about the single-lined and double-lined neoprene. But you will have to know the details about these two types of wetsuits. One wetsuit is made with the shiny rubber and skinny material. This is called single-lined neoprene. It has a soft lining, so it is called as single-lined. You can get so many advanced and innovative version of wetsuits in the market.


Single-lined wetsuits:This type of neoprene is also known as glideskin, smooth skin, mesh and textured rubber skin material. These types of wetsuits have heat-sealed skin surface. Neoprene foam is durable and water-resistant as well. But if you go for mesh neoprene then, you should know that it is less flexible and also has a matt textured finish. But if you choose glide skin and smooth skin then, you will get the shinier, smoother and flexible surface.


Single Lined Smooth Skin Wetsuits

Single Lined Smooth Skin Wetsuits


Double-lined wetsuits: It is one kind of durable, stronger and flexible wetsuits. You should know the fact that double-lined wetsuits are one of the most durable versions of wetsuits. Manufacturers add both sidelining in this type of wetsuit. It is easier to get into the wetsuits. In the '80s the neon coloured wetsuits were very much popular. This type of neoprene was also called as double-lined wetsuits.


Flexibility and warmth: Wetsuits make any kinds of water sports possible. Before, you could not even think to enter into the cold water. But due to the proper flexibility and warmth of the wetsuits, you can now do the sports activities without any hesitations. The material of the wetsuit is looking very thin and soft. But this thin material will give you perfect warmth and protection. If you are going to surf or dive in colder waters, go for the thicker neoprene wetsuits then.


The working process of a wetsuit: You have already known the fact that the basic thing of the wetsuit is to keep you warm. You should go for the better fitting as it can serve you better body warm. So, it is better to choose the best kind of wetsuit.


Different types of neoprene wetsuits:There are so many types of neoprene wetsuits available in the market. These are such as follows:

  • Nylon neoprene
  • Smooth skin neoprene
  • Air type neoprene

Features to Check Before Buying

Here are some features that you need to check before purchasing any particular kind of neoprene wetsuit. You will have to check some details such as follows:


  • The thickness of the neoprene wetsuit
  • The stitching materials of the neoprene
  • The seams on your wetsuit
  • Single-lined factor
  • Double-lined factor

Apart from this, you need to check the wetsuit lining combinations of neoprene. You will have to remember the fact that single-lined wetsuits are more flexible than the double-lined wetsuits. These all are buying considerations of wetsuits. You can check these all out before buying the perfect wetsuits.

Liz H.
Liz H.

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