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July 10, 2020 4 min read

What is a Wetsuit?

A wetsuit is a piece of clothing that is commonly used by surfers, divers, and even canoeists to provide thermal protection to the body even if the user is facing harsh temperatures on the water. It's usually made of neoprene, which counts with some insulation properties that can give the perfect protection against different sources of heat that are present in the aquatic environment thanks to the Ultraviolet rays that are generated by the sun.


However, that's not everything, these wetsuits can be very reliable in complicated situations when a marine organism feels attacked or scared and it stings the human who is in its range, without proper protection, that person could face dangerous problems or complications in terms of health and security of its body which can be fatal if it's not treated properly.

Mens Wetsuits


There are multiples types of wetsuits that are made specifically for certain types of situations and different temperatures, for example, the shortest suit is made of 2 mm or even less, and it consists of just a piece of cloth that covers the torso against previously mentioned problems. On the other hand, the ones that are made of 8 mm are complemented with some gadgets like neoprene boots, gloves, and a hood that can be pretty efficient and useful in harsh aquatic environments.

What is a Rashguard?

They are some type of athletic shirt that is made of spandex or nylon which can be used for protection against any abrasion, sun rays and to provide a better aquatic experience to the one who will wear it. They are used as a shield to protect the body from health issues that are caused by the sun and harsh conditions on the oceans, so, you will see a lot of surfers who are using it in their journey or surfing adventure to avoid any complication.

One of the principal reasons why people who practice some dangerous aquatic activities love this kind of shield or protection is for the fact that it was made to protect the user against the wildest abrasions that can be caused by any sand residue on their tools or in some cases boards, and by tools, you can think of the ones that children use while playing on the sand during a beach trip, so, they should be the ones who must wear it to avoid any complication on their skin.

Also, you can't forget about their protection against the sun, remember that you're exposed to it even when you think that you're in a safe zone. Rashguards were designed to provide extra coverage to the basic measures, so in this way, you can reduce the number of sunburns on your beach trips once forever, but this doesn't mean that you can forget about sunscreen lotion, use both of this tools to build a massive shield that is perfect for those who are exposed to the sun-rays.

Differences Between Rashguard and Wetsuit:

  • First, remember that wetsuits are recommended for people who get cold easily since this suit provides a warm sensation to the human body even in cold environments. On the other hand, rashguards were not designed to accomplish this mission, they aren't wetsuits, so if you want to stay warm, forget about getting any type of rashguard.
  • Rashguards were made to protect your body against any rash that can be caused by surfing or swimming in harsh conditions. If you want to use them as a common and casual way, then wear it on the pool because it can protect your skin against the sun rays.
  • Wetsuits can work as a rashguard, but a rashguard can't work like a wetsuit, so you should be cleared about your requirements and needs before getting one of these options.
  • You can find different deals that say that the rashguard in question is a wetsuit, but once you have this knowledge, you will understand that it can't be true and it's probably a scam.
  • Wetsuits shouldn't be put in any washing machine, and in the case of a rashguard, never try to use detergent to clean it, because it will remove the coating on the shirt that maintains your body protected.

When to Buy a Rashguard or a Wetsuit?

Remember your requirements and needs, if you want to feel protected while swimming or surfing, always look for a rashguard because it can protect your skin against any type of problem-related to rashes and sun-rays, also, it's a good way to reduce the number of sunburns that are produced due to a great exposition to the sun in beach days. With a good sunscreen lotion and a rashguard, the possibilities of suffering from problems in the skin will be drastically reduced, a good duo in certain situations.

Womens Wetsuits

On the other hand, if you want to feel protected in the different aquatic environments while feeling warm, then you should get a wetsuit because it has been made from different materials that can secure your skin against different damages or organisms that can be found in the ocean. Also, the good thing about this suit is the fact that they come in different layouts and thickness, remember that while less thick is the suit, less protected and warm you will be, however, you don't need the thickest suit that exists, for a child is recommended that you aim for the 3 mm fabric, so you can calculate from that point.

When it comes to your protection, remember, that you can't be greedy or negligent in this scenario because we're talking about your health, so, thanks to this knowledge you know why you need a rashguard or why you should use a wetsuit in every beach trip in which you are planning to participate as a surfer or just swim in the ocean without suffering from any rash or sunburn, enjoy the adventure!


Liz H.
Liz H.

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